Year-end roundup: How’s 2021 for PrivacySwap?

4 min readDec 31, 2021

Time flies so fast as we are already approaching 2022! Despite all the challenges PrivacySwap faced this year, we remained resilient and are ready to face the new year. As this year ends, we are glad to look back on what we have accomplished and overcome. Also, we want to cover what you can expect from us this coming year moving forward.

2022 is fast approaching. So, we will go back to what we had finished this year, 2021. We will also look back on what PrivacySwap achieved, along with all the challenges we have faced.

2021: Debut Year of PrivacySwap

The platform kicked off its operations in April 2021. During this time, the platform became the first privacy-centric DeFi based platform.

PrivacySwap initially wanted to be a privacy-focused yield farming platform. They noticed how privacy and security are major concerns in the ecosystem. So, being a team of cybersecurity professionals, privacy has become PrivacySwap’s` utmost priority.

In May, PrivacySwap had its first Press Release, announcing the release of the PrivacyCard. After this, the platform did its first major UI redesign along with the launch of its PrivacyVaults. PrivacySwap revamped its website, from its logo down to its new and fresh color scheme.

Before the update

After the update

Features updates

The platform upgraded its platform. Since then, PrivacyVault has become the platform’s major feature. However, the team noticed that being a mere yield farming platform is not as sustaining for the users as they expected. So, they released a game called Hack the Vault. It finished a few rounds with massive price pots. Though the game ran flawless and bug-free, it still required minor tweaks, so the platform decided to pause the operation to improve the gaming experience.

During the third quarter of 2021, PrivacySwap started rolling out PrivacyCards as part of its early access program. The program also identified the opportunities so the platform can improve it immediately before they officially release the card.


Nobody is perfect. So, PrivacySwap also discovered opportunities and faced a few challenges during PRV and PRV2. We can say that the most complex challenge we had to solve was the price dip. Though PrivacySwap wasn’t the only platform to experience such a dip, solving it right away is a difficult task.

That is also the reason why we released PRV2.0.

PrivacySwap 2.0

The team acknowledges that the users want more than just a gaming and yield farming platform. Furthermore, they also realize that a dual token system could be one of the keys to success. So, PrivacySwap decided to overhaul the ecosystem with the launch of PrivacySwap 2.0.

Under the second layer, PrivacySwap introduced our very first governance token, PRVG. Users can double their earnings with this governance token. We also introduced a separate farming token, which guaranteed a higher APR, up to 70,000%, compared to the old token.

With PrivacySwap 2.0, we also announced our first batch of NFT collections that can be staked to boost native farms’ APR. The transition from PRV to PRV2.0 was challenging, completely changing our ecosystem. We had a little bit of a delay due to the audit of the smart contracts. However, we can release everything as planned.


This round-up wouldn’t be complete if we did not cover our achievements this year. We never received awards and recognitions. However, we have delivered as promised and can still expand the platform globally.

Just launching the platform is already an outstanding achievement for us. Aside from that, we had a few things that we can consider achievements.

We are known as the platform that offers FREE DeFi classes to the public with our seminars. In addition, we have a few AMA sessions that answer all the questions of our community members regarding the platform. Speaking of AMA, we also held AMA collaborations with BSCNews that discussed our entire PrivacySwap journey.

We released news articles into prestigious news sites such as Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Crypto Potato, and more. In addition, there are also lots of worldwide YouTube influencers that feature us on one of their videos.

Lastly, we received more recognition from the general public as we see our community grow each day. All of these happened because of you, PRVArmies. You helped us grow by supporting us and sharing our platform with the world.

PrivacySwap moving forward

Ending this article is fantastic by discussing our plans for this coming 2022 and moving forward.

You all know that we are releasing our very own DEX that will improve your farming experience. Apart from that, we will also unveil our NFT marketplace. Our PrivacyCard official launch and the card loading platform will also happen this coming year. Lastly, we will release our Hackernet marketplace and pursue audits and listing to various exchanges and audit sites.

Moreover, we are not stopping to expand our platform to offer all the fantastic benefits DeFi could provide. Nonetheless, we will update everybody, and we are looking forward to 2022 as we know this will be a prosperous new year.

Come and join us as we revolutionize the DeFi ecosystem!

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