White labeling is coming to PrivacySwap– What is it and what are the benefits?

The practice of putting one’s name on a product manufactured by another company is common. In fact, there are a number of benefits to doing so. Such as creating a business without heavy brainstorming of the products to sell. You can also save a lot from manufacturing especially if you are cost-cutting. This idea is called Whitelabel. How does it work and what are the benefits of white labeling?

In general, White label products are those that do not have a recognized trademark and simple appearance, which in most cases bear the logo of the store that, distributes it and not the manufacturer’s logo, however, there are also Manufacturers that distribute their branded products under their brand.

The term is frequently used synonymously with “private labelling.” However, there are subtle distinctions on a technical level. Both terms refer to things that have been created and then relabelled or rebranded for a different retailer or brand. However, private label typically refers to items that are made and labelled before being sold solely by one shop.

Private labelling is more expensive and suitable for well-established businesses because of the high minimums and the bespoke nature of the service it provides. White-label products are affordable for smaller businesses and startups because of low or nonexistent minimums, such as in the case of print-on-demand.

The benefits of White labeling

Whitelabel offers numerous advantages to both consumers and small businesses. Customers can enjoy a product at an affordable price. It’s similar to purchasing a generic version of a medication; both have the same effect, but one is far less expensive. Furthermore, as a startup, white labeling may be a good solution if:

1 . You are looking to capitalise on a hot product.

2. You need to start a business quickly

3. You don’t have an original product idea.

4. Want to establish a business with little initial investment.

5. Don’t want to make or manufacture products Want branded auxiliary products for an existing firm.

6. You want to monetize a personal or influencer brand through merchandise.

Cryptocurrency aims to separate itself from the real world. However, some of their features mirror the services in the real world. One of those is the Whitelabel. How does it work on the blockchain technology?

White label on Crypto

Like the real-world Whitelabel, a cryptocurrency Whitelabel is a product that was developed by one project for the benefit of another. This service provides businesses with a low-cost, flexible option for establishing their own cryptocurrency exchanges, tailored specifically to their needs.

It can also be a preexisting service or product that was created for one project and made available to another. Whitelabel’s underlying platform provides its customers with a range of development options for tailoring the product to their specific requirements.

A major benefit of a Whitelabel solution is the cost savings it provides when compared to building an exchange from the ground up. In addition, businesses can get a Whitelabel up and running much faster than it takes to actually make one.

Some industry investors and developers claim that development firms use a protocol called Whitelabel to set up exchange platforms. The best white-label crypto exchange solutions provide everything needed to run a cryptocurrency exchange, from a wallet and liquidity to a risk control system, affiliate tracking, and third-party integration.

How Does it Work?

A white-label cryptocurrency exchange is a service that allows startups to sell their own cryptocurrency trading platform under their own brand name. Each cryptocurrency exchange solution offers a unique set of functionalities, but all of them share common building blocks.

The modular design of the exchanges allows them to be tailored to each individual user’s needs, as was previously mentioned. The client can easily and quickly add new functionalities and integrations with this design.

In order to attract and retain customers, a cryptocurrency exchange, for instance, must be able to rapidly implement new features and functions like margin trading, fiat to cryptocurrency exchange, and others.

To top it all off, the most reliable Whitelabel solutions come with a robust back-end platform that can facilitate all aspects of trading digital currencies. The ideal solution will allow for simple conversion to fiat currency and support for dozens or hundreds of different cryptocurrencies.

Likewise the standard Whitelabel, there are many benefits to using a Whitelabel crypto exchange, such as:

  • Less cost since the product is already built, you just need to rebrand it
  • Time-saving
  • No required skills and knowledge
  • The platform is manageable in most devices

PrivacySwap white label

PrivacySwap envisions this kind of service to its supporters. There are numerous platforms that are hoping to have one of the highly requested features in every platform, the debit card. PrivacySwap’s Crypto Debit card Whitelabel enables other platforms to offer financial services to all customers worldwide who own digital assets. Connect cryptocurrency accounts to more than 50 million Visa and Mastercard touchpoints.

What PrivacySwap’s Whitelabel offers

  • Complete management backend system, including top-ups, issuance, and transaction analytics.
  • A real-world payment solution that accepts cryptocurrency for token issuers all over the world.
  • Use your own logo, customize the web design, and change the user interface to your liking.
  • Manages the regulatory licensing required to create fully compliant card schemes.

Moreover, compared to other crypto debit cards in the market, PrivacySwap’s Whitelabel possesses many benefits such as lower fees, Earn larger revenue with each transaction, and 24/7 customer support, among others. For its partnered platforms, PrivacySwap allows them to change web designs, navigations, and functions. Partners can also create their own domains, and Set OTC % markup of the supported tokens used in all transactions.

PrivacySwap will unveil more in-depth details regarding the newest crypto Whitelabel soon. In the meantime, the team is in continuous talks with more projects to share this amazing feature.

So if you are a crypto startup or user who is interested in this service, and the platform itself, feel free to visit them on their social media below.

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