What to do after the presale? Buy and Hodl!

Don’t miss the surge, buy and hodl now!

The Great Migration has finally launched, and we are seeing the community get wild over the updated loop and farm rewards which are now up to 70,000% APR! Woohoo! And not just that, every NFT holder can ever boost it further up to 50%! Now that’s what we are talking about!

Quick math! Let’s say you bought PRV’s Diamond NFT. That gives you a 50% boost for your 70,000% APR, which gives you a total of 105,000% APR! You read it right! Now, what are you waiting for? Buy your NFTs now, boost your rewards, and start earning!

But of course, you can only participate in the 105,000% APR (boosted with PRV’s Diamond NFT) rewards from PrivacySwap’s pools and farms if you have staked your PRV2 or PRVG, where the presale for these new tokens commenced just over a week ago.

A total of 132,000,000 (pre) PRV2 and 14,850,000 (pre) PRVG were up for grabs for only 48 hours, and guess what? It was sold out after 5 minutes only. That is right! Only 5 whole minutes. Many of the PRV community members weren’t even able to participate in the most awaited event! So what happens now? What should you do now that the presale is over?

You accumulate PRV2s and PRVGs, ASAP!

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The time is ticking!

There is no time to waste! You should buy more PRV2 and PRVG NOW while the price is still low and people are still accumulating (especially those who were not able to participate in the presale). Always remember that the presale was worth millions of dollars, and it was sold out in minutes! A surge is about to happen!

You should not be calm. You should be panic buying now while the prices of PRVG and PRV2 are still slowly rising. Every trader and hodler should take this opportunity to buy more and hodl it until it surges exponentially!

Time is running out as more and more of the PRV community is buying as we speak, and you should too. Don’t miss this opportunity to ride the highest tides, which will come in the coming months!

Hodl and earn while hodling at the same time

As you are accumulating over time, you can also put your PRVG and PRV2 to our pools and farms. How fun is that? You are not hodling for nothing. As time passes by, your portfolio is not just rising from the market bull run, but also through the rewards from our ever-reliable liquidity pools. Imagine hodling while earning up to 70,000% APR, which can even be boosted by 50% when you mint and stake your NFTs! I mean, how cool is that?!

There’s nothing to lose! One should realize that the quantity of your PRV2 and PRVG determines the profit you will have in the future with our farms and liquidity pools. If you want to enjoy up to 70,000% APR with the highest gains possible in the future, you should consider accumulating and buying now rather than later. This is because PRVG and PRV2’s prices will never stay low forever; the only way is up!

To make this clear, let’s go back to doing quick math! You plan to buy 1,000,000 PRV2s. At 0.04 USD, that will be worth 40,000 BUSD. Now, since the price projection of PRV2 is only way up, it will never stay at the 0.04 BUSD price. When you still haven’t decided to buy now and only later, wherein the price is already at 1 BUSD, your PRV2’s quantity will only be 40,000.

Imagine having 1,000,000 PRV2 if you only bought now and put it in our pools; your rewards would be to the moon! On the other hand, when you bought at a much later date where the PRV2’s price already soared, for the same amount of money, your rewards wouldn’t be as much as compared if you bought now.

So, buy now. Don’t miss this opportunity! This is a tip from us. As always, happy earning!

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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