What makes PrivacyCards stand out?

3 min readMay 28, 2022

PrivacyCards, PRivacySwap’s very own crypto debit card, will be launching soon, and the Team is very excited for the whole community to experience a seamless exchange of crypto to fiat with the simple swipe of their cards.

This crypto card will be revolutionizing how we spend crypto. With the unnecessary steps taken out, users will experience the digital money like it’s from a bank, with the benefit of higher APRs and rewards systems like never before.

But what makes PrivacyCards stand out? How can it compare to other crypto debit cards that are emerging today? Here are just some of the reasons why PrivacyCards will stand out when it releases to the public, especially the PRV Community:

1. Easy to acquire

It is easy to acquire PrivacyCards and start spending your crypto. All you have to do is stake PYDEX, the native token of the PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange, and you are good to go!

As an example, when you stake 200 USD worth of PYDEX (Yes! You read it right, just 200 dollars), you will be issued with PrivacySwap’s Premium Black crypto debit card. That’s it!

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2. Four PrivacyCards to choose from

There will be four crypto debit cards to choose from with differing staking requirements. Of course, the higher the staking requirement you choose, the higher the perks will be.

The following are the types of PrivacyCards to choose from with their staking requirements:
Black Premium Tier, when you stake USD 200 worth of PYDEX
Black Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX
Silver Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX
Gold Metal Tier, when you stake USD 2,000 worth of PYDEX

3. Rewards like no other

Your PrivacyCard is far from the traditional debit cards. Unlike the typical debit card, your money stored in your PrivacyCard also generates passive income through staking rewards which are as high as 10%.

It’s not just that. When you refer to your friends the PrivacyCards, you will also receive incentives which are up to three tiers, which means the referrals of those you refer will also be an additional profit for you.

4. Low annual fee and no hidden fees

For the first year of acquiring your PrivacyCard, the annual fee will be waived by PrivacySwap. After that, users will only have to pay a 60$ annual fee and nothing more!

There will be no hidden fees and no other fees to worry about. All that they have to worry about is how to spend their crypto on anything they ever wanted.

Final Thoughts

The crypto debit cards are already here to make spending crypto as easy as making pie. Today, you won’t need to undergo tiresome transactions of selling your crypto to make your profits tangible. With PrivacyCards, all you have to do is swipe, and you are good to go!

So what are you waiting for? Reserve yours now and enjoy the benefits and perks it can offer that fit for your lifestyle!

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