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With the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, developers are one by one creating new features to provide more services to their users. To that end, the crypto space is becoming more and more welcoming for everybody. For instance, there are already a lot of e-wallets that allow crypto to fiat transactions, and enjoyable and highly interactive NFT-games are also available everywhere. Lastly, there are also crypto cards that make crypto-payment easy. At PrivacySwap, we made PrivacyCard as an attempt to be this solution. Using a crypto card like PrivacyCards is advantageous in many aspects. Additionally, there are more benefits lined up. However, there are a few things you must consider before you buy one.

There are already a lot of businesses that accept cryptocurrency as payment. For example, companies such as Microsoft, Oversoft, and Home Depot are already accepting cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. Despite the mass adoption of crypto payment, it still requires a specific platform in order to make the transaction. Due to the least number of people using this type of payment, the development is sluggish. Hence, people tend to look at a better option or stick with the normal withdrawal process they used to do before.

With that, developers were able to form cards that accept cryptocurrency. More crypto projects were able to see the benefits of a crypto card, hence the rise of the crypto card giants today. As a platform that promotes both safety and utility in the crypto space, PrivacySwap also sees the benefits of a crypto card. Most of the project’s developers are crypto investors, and they experience firsthand the often inconvenience of crypto to fiat transactions.

What is PrivacyCard?

PrivacyCard is a debit card that accepts cryptocurrency. It seems simple, but it carries a lot of features. The attempt to solve the transaction concern is a huge move for us, but it is viable. The blockchain is a huge space for ideas, and we are still in the early stage of crypto adoption. Though the platform has already gone a long way, there is still a long way ahead. So far, here are the benefits of the PrivacyCards.

  • Allows crypto to fiat transactions — the ability to use your cryptocurrency as fiat to pay for day-to-day transactions is one of PrivacyCard’s notable benefits. In addition, asset management is made easy by the platform’s PrivacyOracle technology.
  • Supports a variety of tokens- when the platform was initially formed, part of the developer’s ambition was to support as many tokens as possible. When it was first released to the public, it supported many tokens. To name a few, it already supports the crypto giants such as BTC and ETH. Moreover, it was also created to support more tokens at its launch, such as BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, CAKE, EOS, ALPACA, XVS, AUTO, MDX, and MBOX. More tokens will soon be supported by PrivacyCard as the platform continuously partners with more platforms.
  • Web3.0 support- PrivacySwap’s card loading platform is powered by Web3.0–the prospected solution for the rising scalability in the space. With PrivacyOracle (the card loading platform), transacting and checking your crypto and fiat balance is easier and safer.

Furthermore, PrivacyCard is still packed with amazing benefits waiting to be unfolded. After a lot of testing to ensure that PrivacyCard will perform as expected, the card will finally be released to the general public. In addition, they will also hold a card giveaway. Once the giveaway platform is up, you can join and test your luck Follow the mechanics below and get a chance to win one of the four cards that are worth over 3000 BUSD.

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