This Week on PRV: We Need Your Help on Two Things, Curious? Read On!

Let us know your thoughts!

We LOVE how the PRVArmy are so engaged in the whole PrivacySwap DeFi project. That is why, for every decision we make, we ensure that their voices are heard.

But first, it’s the start of the week and do you have nothing to be excited about?

Fret not, Monday is for PRV marketing updates and we’ll give you some stuff to look forward to! Let’s dive into what fun features we have stored for you this week, starting off with the long-awaited DeFi Class, coming in fast this Wednesday.

We’re doing it a bit different, this time

In our previous webinars, we gave you an overview of yield farming and vaults and how you can utilize them to earn money in crypto.

This time, we’re revisiting both through the questions of our users and the community. Among the questions we will explore are:

📌 Which one yields more rewards: the PRV vault or PRV-BUSD farm?

📌 Why did the team remove the stable coins farm?

📌 How much PRV in holdings would be better for farm vs vault?

We will also open the floor for Q&A from the audience, so be sure to sign up for this session by following this link:

To Vault or Not to Vault? That is the question 🤔

The PRVArmy is asking for more vaults! Specifically, ones with higher risk that translates to higher APY. Really now, who doesn’t want a higher profit, right?

But as we have intimated in previous articles, there are always some certain risks we have to keep in check. Probably one of the most taboo phrases to see in DeFi is “rug pull”. This sends shivers down anyone’s spines, and no one wants to be caught in a rug pull.

Neither do we.

So as a compromise, we would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. We are open for PrivacyVaults suggestions!

Vaulting has several prerequisites. To the best of our abilities, we will be undertaking as many suggestions as possible and implementing them, but there are some instances where vaults will not be do-able (for now). Here are some requirements:

1) Preferably a farm or pool. We cannot vault a vault.

2) They have to exist in BSC.

3) They need to have verified smart contracts.

Access the PrivacyVault suggestion form here:

Rest assured that these are all part of our advocacy in ensuring 100% security and privacy of the PRV DeFi project. Speaking of which, we are taking another step in our smart contracts.

Making sure that the gears are oiled up!

Our well-crafted smart contracts are the pieces which make the whole PRV DeFi project tick and tock. Hence, we are always looking at collaborative inspections with reputable auditing firms.

If you’ve been with us since our birth, you would know that our smart contracts were initially audited by TechRate. In fact, you can view it on our GitHub!

Now, we are partnering with CertiK to ensure the maximum integrity of our smart contracts. We wouldn’t want to appear “shady” or “sketchy” to you guys, that’s why we are taking these steps!

Plus, this adds credibility to the PrivacySwap DeFi project in a sense that you can forget about system vulnerabilities or even the notorious rug pull.

The audit is in line with some recent changes and features we introduced within the past couple of weeks. An example is the PrivacySwap Referral System, which you can review here.

For the last item of this week’s happenings, we would love your help on something exciting!

We want YouToBe the bridge!

PrivacySwap is on the lookout for established (or rising) YouTube influencers! We heard (and experienced) how review/ testimonial/ commentary videos about DeFi projects (well about anything for that matter) can do wonders for its popularity and value!

While we are on the active hunt, we would appreciate it if the PRVArmy could link us to some of your suggested influencers, by emailing our team at:

Or who knows, maybe you are what we are exactly looking for! 😉

Well that’s it for this week’s spoilers. Again, don’t forget your DeFi Class on Wednesday | 28th; put it on your calendar and set up an alarm.

Grab a pen, grab a note, grab a friend, and we’ll see you online!

Register here:




Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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