This Week on PRV: Utility Everywhere, Prepare for the Real Game-Changer!

5 min readAug 2, 2021
PrivacyCards, Hack The Vault, and the new PrivacySwap Landing Page; this is definitely where the real game begins

Let us start the week with a quick run through of the stuff we lined up for the PRVArmy!

While we talked about the price dip in our previous articles, this piece is to give you a heads up on the suite of utility we have in store for you. So sit back, relax, and be amazed as we prepare to launch the following PRV exclusives that are guaranteed to change the game!

PrivacyCards are finally here, and you can even get it for FREE!

Find your perfect play as we release 20 Early Access PrivacyCards; 5 Black Metal and 15 Black Premium cards!

The long-awaited PRV’s solution to the debit card system is finally starting to materialize. With @PRV Admin announcing last week on Telegram, the Early Access cards are now ready to roll for qualified PRVArmy.

To get the chance to be among early card holders, you only need to accomplish Google Form with your details, including the card you are interested in. The lucky winners to be randomly picked will be contacted in 24 hours. There is no need to stake PRV, but instead a ONE-TIME FEE needs to be covered in the amount of:

Black Metal Card — USD500 worth in PRV per card

Black Premium Card — USD200 worth in PRV per card

So here’s the fun part, 5 Black Premium cards are to be given FOR FREE! Simply give us the reason why you deserve to win the card for free and what you will be using it for! Everything else applies- you just don’t have to pay the USD200 worth in PRV as stated above.

For full mechanics, click here. If you’re done reading (or just really a go-getter), access the form here.

And while we are in the giving mood, everyone is excited about PrivacySwaps’ upcoming PrivacyGames, a project that we have been meticulously crafting to make the community more interactive, engaging, and giving high-potential rewards!

Are you ready to Hack The Vault?

Be the last person to hold the key after the timer expires, and laugh triumphantly as you take the majority of the prize pot!

The gameplay is simple: every game begins with a timer- every time a key is bought, a portion of that key’s cost goes into the prize pool, and there is a certain time period added to the timer. If you are the last person to have bought the key to the vault when the timer expires, you win the majority of the prize pot.

But what about the pot’s remainder? It will be split into the start of the next pool, as well as to a PRV burn.

Hack The Vault caters to your strategic mind, your hidden greed (yes we know), and the powers of your lucky stars.

So are you ready to hack the vault? Sit back as we do the finishing touches and internal testings before we launch within the week. In the meantime, read the full mechanics: click here!

Speaking of powers and stars, we are collaborating with YouTube crypto gurus with vast presence and influence on the famous video content creation platform.

We are harnessing the power of YouTube stars!

Last July 29, 2021, Crypto Bull published a video review of PRV on his YouTube channel which currently has an impressive 24.1K subscribers! In less than 5 days, the video have garnered 8,158 views and 270 likes (0 dislikes).

People on the comment section are also very engaged and interested so expect more neophytes in the PRVArmy in the days to come!

But we’re not stopping there.

Crypto Modem, a crypto/defi content creator with an outstanding 67.7k subscribers, is also picking up PRV for a review, to be released this week!

We are so excited on how these project reviews can do wonders for PRV’s popularity and traction in the defi-cryptosphere. As such, if you have other referrals, please feel free to tag us on Telegram!

Last on our bucket is the most-awaited launch of the official PrivacySwap Landing Page, set to go live anytime within the week.

The new face of PrivacySwap

We noticed how it is extremely important for defi projects to have a welcoming landing page of their own. Aside from aesthetic designs, we are envisioning the page to be as informative and comprehensive in guiding newbies (or even veterans) in their deeper discovery of PRV.

The PrivacySwap landing page will feature a layman’s view on what PRV defi project is all about, including external links to our trading/swapping site:, wherein all the magic happens.

This page is set to go live any time within the week so be sure to follow our social media accounts to be one of our valued pioneering site-visitors!

Overwhelmed with the new fun features we have for you? You shouldn’t be! With three big milestones set for the week, the PRV core team is really on the lookout for better days ahead.

PrivacyCards, Hack The Vault, and the new PrivacySwap Landing Page; this is definitely where the real game begins!




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