This Week on PRV: Robots, Farms, Potato, and Magic Cards?!

3 min readJul 20, 2021


Does this headline even make sense?!

Well, now that we’ve got your attention, try to KEEP UP as we give you a HEADS UP on the PRV updates and plans for this week!

Booting PRV’s Messenger Chatbot, Ms. PRVot!

Days after we launched the PrivacySwap Referral System, we were bombarded with inquiries from crypto enthusiasts wishing to enlist on the PRVArmy. While we do enjoy responding to these soon-to-be neophytes, our fingers are not that happy. So we decided to give life to Ms. PRVot (pri-v(b)bot), PrivacySwap’s newest mechanical chat support!

Ms. PRVot is set to go online this Wednesday on FB Messenger and would gladly cater to your inquiries and other frequently asked questions. Please refrain from difficult questions such as “why is the sky blue?” or “what to do with too much PRV gains?”

(Although Ms. PRVot would be our front-steward in the chat box, you still have the option to talk to a human by simply accessing the menu).

DeFi Class on Yield Farming, come one come all!

Although this informative session is scheduled on the 28th, we have kicked off the marketing campaign this week. Isn’t it obvious how excited we are?

The DeFi Class series is entitled “The Hodler’s Guide to Earning Money in Crypto”. For the next session, we will focus on Yield Farming and a closer look at Privacy Vaults. Stay tuned this week as we publish more content about these topics to dramatically build the suspense!

For newbies, this class is a great opportunity to give you an overview of the whole caboodle of PRV; for veterans, get ready to sharpen your understanding of yield farming and DeFi in general!

Sign Up here:

Speaking of farms, we were just potatoed last week!

Catch us on CryptoPotato!

Established in 2016, CryptoPotato is a world leading source in news, analysis and information for investment on digital currencies. CryptoPotato has recently become one of the world’s leading information sources for crypto investors.

Being published in CryptoPotato definitely puts a DeFi project on the map! We were so ecstatic to share to thousands of readers what PrivacySwap is all about, including our roadmap, and how we are on the road to create the best DeFi ecosystem in the cryptoverse!

You can read the oh-so-celebrated article (published Jul. 17) here:

Also, stay tuned as we get featured on another two crypto news platform giants: The Daily HODL and NEWSBTC! We do not have a particular date yet, but we promise it is sooner than you think!

Last but not least for this week’s update is about one of the milestones on PrivacySwap’s roadmap:

PrivacyCard, PrivacySwap’s answer to the debit card system!

This project will allow users to utilize their PRV for things other than just staking and earning rewards.

What is the point of accumulating tokens, when it cannot translate to usage, right? PrivacyCard is the intended bridge from crypto to fiat for all our users. With privacy as its core, PrivacyCard will be the solution for users to be able to spend their PRV anywhere and everywhere. All while maintaining their privacy!

That’s not all: we announced earlier today that we are lowering the staking requirements across ALL tiers! Here are the adjustments:

Be an early adopter by signing up here.

This latest announcement can be found here.

Hold your horses, we are not yet ready to officially launch this functionality, but we are definitely ready to initiate our marketing campaign! Keep updated by following our social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Medium.

Finally, we are releasing promotional videos this week about PrivacyCard, and our loyal #PRVArmy on Telegram have already had first dibs on them.

Maybe you can head over to our FB Messenger and ask Ms. PRVot? Hmm..

P.S. There are more exciting updates announced earlier today, so be sure to head over to our Telegram channel to keep yourself in the loop!

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