This Week on PRV : Preparing for PRV 2.0 Launch, Elon Musk Style!

Carefully crafted to perfection, experience PRV like never before with the upcoming PRV 2.0!

Let’s start the week right with a bang! As we are PRV-ready to find the key in Hack The Vault to obtain the treasure hidden within, we are also PRV-ready for the upcoming PRV 2.0!

This week on PRV, the PRVArmy needs to buckle up as we have a lot in store for them as The Great Migration🕊️ is getting near.

Hyped as we are? Let’s go to the details!

Right Around the Corner, Musk says 😉

Like how Elon Musk makes his rockets and its drones, The Great Migration🕊️ is right around the corner, meticulously planned to every detail with some added surprises so that upon its release, a chef’s kiss will be the best emoji to represent it!

Just last Wednesday in the DeFi class, our transition to PRV 2.0 was mentioned with an announcement of the introduction of two new tokens, the PRVG and PRV2. Brand new tokens up for grabs, don’t you miss it!

We are now at around 70% completion, and you know what? We cannot wait for it to be operational, for everyone to enjoy what we have been planning along with the services we have to offer.

Mark your calendars fellas 📆 as it is expected to arrive early this October. But for now, as we are building the block for The Great Migration, our marketing efforts are intensifying to make PRV 2.0 bigger, bolder, and much more exciting for all.

The Expanding Partnership Continues

Just last week we told everyone that we are taking those we can get on the trip to the stars. This week, our latest crew member is CryptoFlash 🎉

CryptoFlash gave fresh viewers what PRV is all about which now, as of writing, has over 10,000 views!

We are planning to partner with more YouTube influencers to spread the word! and who knows? maybe we can finally reach Mr. Musk himself to talk about our great plans for PRV like in his DOGE obsessed filled tweets!

Why did we choose this marketing, you ask? Well for starters, YouTube’s monthly logged-in users is a whopping 2.76 Billion, that’s 34.9% of the world’s population! Crazy.

With this kind of number, YouTube offers a loooooot of audience, potential hodlers, whales, and even fresh traders that would help grow our ever-growing PRVArmy!

So should we start our own YouTube Channel? What do you think? 😉

Captain’s Log Series every Wednesday, the Adventure Continues!

As Elon Musk loves new business ventures, we too love creating new InfoSeries to share with you guys! We know that the PRV 2.0 transition can get a bit technical, so we’re here to make it fun and simple.

In its first episode, the Captain logged-in that the PRVArmy is about to board the PRV Space Cruiser bound to uncharted galaxies, to what? to space-farm!

“Their currency will be PRV2 and PRVG token where PRV2 will be used as their native token while PRVG will be used as their governance token. Such an amazing galactic ecosystem!,” The Captain writes.

Now what can we expect for the next episode? We can expect the Captain logging-in about the plans of the PRVArmy to climb aboard the shuttle to unravel high-APR-yielding planets (farms), the wonders of the PrivacyCards, and the power of PRVG governance token!

Unveiling RPVG, watch out!🤗

What is PRVG you ask? This will be 1 of the 2 tokens that will be rolled out in lieu of The Great Migration🕊️!

We cannot wait to give you PRVG (and PRV2) and see it fly to the moon and beyond!

While the market bounces from bear to bull, the core team is doing its best to make the transition to PRV 2.0 as smooth as possible!

We are definitely bending over backwards in intensifying marketing to attract investors so the PRVArmy should brace themselves for a trip to Mars, like Elon’s one-of-a-kind plan!

We will get there. And it might be sooner than you think. 😉



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