This Week on PRV: New Farm, New Land(ing Page)

We are ready to chart new territories!

Following the aftermath of our recently released heist-of-the-year game, we are faced again with another week to tackle head on! And while the hype and excitement of Hack the Vault still rings in our ears, today we give you other cool stuff to look forward to!

But before we begin, we hope you have caught up with the hottest news and latest trends on the cryptoverse from our Sunday’s roundup, PRViously on Crypto. And of course, be on the same page with other co-PRVArmy by reading last week’s PRV For Your Thoughts!

Now that you’re all set and ready, let’s take a look at what’s in store for you on week 34 of this awesome year.

Get your tractors ready!

Just ten hours ago, we announced on Telegram the acquisition of a new farm that would definitely give you more earning opportunities. PRV is now available on the iBG Farms with the following supported pairs: PRV-BUSD and PRV-BNB.

The new pairings offer a minimal 4% Deposit Fee tied with a 2x multiplier that we believe to be attractive especially to those who already mastered the art of staking.

With this new partnership with iBG Finance, your chance of getting a higher APR just shot to the skies!


New farm, new land(ing) page

If you visit, you’re in for a real treat! Don’t be alarmed when you see a brand new layout and UIX and don’t think for a minute that we are hacked (lol seriously, PRIVACYSwap?); we just got a new stunning landing page!

Our newest PrivacySwap official website now gives users a portal wherein they can learn more about the awesome PRV defi project while getting updated on our well-crafted roadmap. We believe that this is extremely important especially in establishing credibility and showing you proof of work!

The new landing page also gives you a dashboard access to our social media accounts, GitBook, and of course, the PrivacySwap App wherein you can participate in the center of the battlezone.

And as we always emphasize, we value your thoughts and feedback on every project we launch so feel free to send us some comments, suggestions, or (violent) reactions!

YouTube marketing collabs intensify

We announced a few weeks ago our direction on partnering with YouTube crypto stars and gurus and we received some good suggestions! We asked you to talk, you did, and we listened; the system works!

We heard (and experienced) how review/ testimonial/ commentary videos about DeFi projects (well about anything for that matter) can do wonders for its popularity and value, so we believe that this is one of the best paths to take.

You can check out Crypto Bull and Crypto Modern’s video about us as we wait for another video review from the famous crypto luminary, Alessandro de Crypto.

Defi Class next week, reminding you as early as today!

And finally, we are pumping gas to our marketing efforts in promoting this week the next Defi Class scheduled on the 25th of Aug. While it may be a full week (and a few days) away, we want you to encircle it on your calendar as early as now because we are going to tackle one of our project highlights!

This is definitely a DeFi class you don’t want to miss since we are finally on full throttle with the long awaited PrivacyCards: PrivacySwap’s solution to the debit system!

To register and be one of the early birds, feel free to sign up here.

And that’s a wrap on This Week on PRV! The next days would be fun and exciting, not just because Hack the Vault is now live, but also because of the projects and features we are about to release; just for you!

Also, with consecutive green candles popping out on our chart, indicating foretold bounce-back, what’s not to love about Mondays, right?



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