This Week On PRV: DeFi Class on Crypto Debit Cards & Much More!

What makes PrivacyCard stand above the rest of crypto debit cards? Let’s find out!

It’s another week of PRVriffic hodling and staking after we announced our arrival on iBG Farms! We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the new supported pairing of PRV-BUSD and PRV-BNB to maximize your earning opportunities.

But if you’re more on the wild side, Hack The Vault is still up and running should you decide to test your luck in this race against time, keys, and other players!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, we give you an overview of what PrivacySwap has in store for PRVArmy; from everyone’s favorite webinar, DeFi Class, to our power blog site that is guaranteed to blow your mind!

All of this and more on This Week on PRV!

DeFi Class on 25th; attendance is a must!

Here’s something to spice up your typical Wednesday night- come and join fellow PRVates and the PRV Core Team as we hoddle for yet another fruitful DeFi Class:

The webinar would be focusing on PrivacySwap’s most-awaited solution to the debit card system: PrivacyCards.

Yes, PrivacySwap’s debit card offering is not the first in the market. But what makes it different? What pain points does it solve? How do other existing crypto-based cards compare? Is it worth staking in one?

In this session, we explore the real-world applications of crypto-accepting debit cards as well as how our PrivacyCards measure up against the others.

Plus, don’t miss out on the latest updates happening this side of DeFi:

💎 PrivacyCards

💎 Hack the Vault

💎 New farms

💎 Marketing updates and more

Oh, and Mr. L would also be talking about the teased PRV V2, what exactly it is and how the ecosystem is set to benefit from it.

As usual, we will also open the floor for Q&A from the audience so be sure to grab this chance to settle all your queries and concerns once and for all, no holds barred!

To sign up for the event, simply click here.

Website/Blog Site in the works!

Finally, we’ve also announced last week that the new and improved website is now live! Check out our fully functional- and strategically designed landing page that would definitely WOW crypto enthusiasts who stumble upon the project and push them to join in the fun!

We are also hard at work on a tied up blog site where we intend to consolidate all the important content we’ve been publishing (and still working on). This archive would make referencing more streamlined and keeping up with the PRV project a whole lot easier.

And that’s it for a short but sweet marketing updates for This Week On PRV! The air is filled with possibilities so be sure to seize the day as you support your favorite defi project in the cryptoverse- that’s us, obviously! 😎

See you in Wednesday’s DeFi Class (don’t forget)!



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