This Week on PRV: A Space Cruiser for The Great Migration, Waddup?!

We’re going big as we board more people towards The Great Migration

We can imagine the smile on your face as PRV skyrockets at a whopping 40% increase for the past 24 hours. And while the proper article to discuss this is on our Weekly Token Recap, we just can’t resist beginning this write-up with such good news! 😜

This Week on PRV we have some great stuff lined up for the PRVArmy as we near The Great Migration🕊️ to PRV 2.0.

Curious? Let’s read on!

Trip to the stars? We’re taking all those we can get! 🚀

Everyone, come aboard the PRV 2.0 space cruiser as we look for planets of opportunities and new milestones to conquer!

Much like how Noah saved the animals with his epic Ark, we are on-boarding all hodlers, traders, and blockchain enthusiasts on our journey towards uncharted galaxies. So this week we are prepping for another giveaway campaign to grow our Telegram Channel!

While we are currently 4,049 members strong, our starliner spacecraft can definitely fit in more people who would like to experience the sweet life of passive income.

Yep, we’re talking about a worry-free living, Axiom-style! © Wall-E, Pixar

Just last week, we’ve also released a giveaway promo in celebration of BSC’s 1st Year Birthday! The winners can expect their prizes anytime now!

This week’s telegram promo is more like a last call for non-holders to secure PRV tokens before we transition to PRV 2.0. Remember: if you are a PRV holder at the time of migration, you will definitely be given PRV2+PRVG at a set ratio. No need to take a chance for the IDO!

Takeaway: The best time to buy and HOLD PRV is NOW! 💪

But there’s no need to rush things!

As much as we want to launch the revamped project as early as now, we want to ensure that our PRVArmy is acclimatized first. That’s why we’re taking our time in building first a pool of resources on how exactly to go about The Great Migration.

In fact, in the next few days, we are about to release digital brochures that would encapsulate the core points of PRV 2.0. Spoiler alert! ⚠️

At a glance, these educational, easy to understand, and visually engaging materials would talk about:

  1. An Overview of PRV 2.0 — PrivacyCards, higher APR farms, and how The Great Migration works
  2. Swapping — How to swap PRV to PRV and PRVG, the governance token of PRV 2.0
  3. Referral System — Three-layered referral system, refer neo PRVates and earn from their harvest
  4. Roadmap — The PRV 2.0 project summarized, with emphasis on what to look forward to!

We’re still building the hype but it seems that it’s working! 🙌

If you’ve been following us across social media (as you should!) you would notice how we are grinding the promotion of PRV 2.0 to bring more people aboard our space cruiser to the stars! Of course, this is tied up with the release of long-awaited PrivacyCards which our Early-Access winners can’t wait to get their hands into!

And as what we have said before, the cryptoverse is starting to respond to our marketing efforts as PRV hits its ATH after a few weeks of $2-ish slump! 🔥

We know you have a lot of questions, such as what exactly is contributing to the sudden price hike? Or what’s the core team strategy to maintain this uptrend? Or why did you not buy PRV at the dip? 😜

While we can’t answer that last one, we’d be glad to share with you our views and plans!

AMA on Wednesday | 8th, don’t forget!

Participate in our Telegram channel and block your 9:00 PM Clubhouse slot tomorrow. Grab a pen and paper and list down your questions for our Ask Me Anything panel.

Or you can also just tune in and listen to important discussions that we suppose would primarily revolve around The Great Migration.

Either way, we’re looking forward to your cute avatar to show up😉.




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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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