The world is slowly adapting GameFi, and PrivacySwap is willing to support it.

4 min readDec 22, 2021

DeFi based games are slowly becoming a norm, and so are metaverse games. In addition, the world is gradually adopting such a platform. How is PrivacySwap supporting this change? Let us discover.

The gaming world’s gradual DeFi adoption

The general public has gradually seen how valuable cryptocurrency is and the massive return. Most developers and service providers are given another opportunity to expand their businesses, providing a service that is DeFi related.

Aside from that, DeFi experts and developers have also started to create games and systems that utilized DeFi to earn a massive return, one of the most prominent examples of which is GameFi. By definition, GameFi is a hybrid of video games (Gaming) and decentralized money (DeFi). The technology employed for this video game form is blockchain technology, allowing players to be the single and confirmed owners of the game’s virtual parts.

There are lots of DeFi based games today, and one of the most popular is Axie Infinity. With its fantastic return over the past few months, people showed a positive response and invested right away to join the hype. However, the price hike did not stay up too long as it is currently at 0.03 USD compared to its all-time high of 0.36 USD per SLP.

However, this does not stop crypto investors, and enthusiasts as more crypto and DeFi-based games came out this year. In addition to that, games that are non-DeFi-based are also starting to branch out in the DeFi space and started offering games or features that run through DeFi.

The best example of this is GensoKishi. GensoKishi is a Japanese-born game that 8 million users have played. It was awarded the title “Game of the Year” in 2012 with a Gold medal in Taiwan. This game’s developer launched a Metaverse x GameFi version of the game.

What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is a technology hybrid that combines virtual reality, augmented reality, and video to allow users to “live” within a digital realm. Supporters of the metaverse envisage their users working, playing, and remaining connected with friends through activities ranging from concerts and conferences to virtual globe travel.

Gensokishi’s meta-universe is based on 3D Mass Multiplayer Online technology. It seeks to provide gamers with a unique experience and a road to real-world monetary rewards in one of the most promising sectors of Web 3.0 and the crypto global economy.

How will Privacyswap support this wide DeFi adoption?

With this worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency and DeFi-based offerings, you might be asking; how will PrivacySwap enter the game? You might also wonder why we cover this topic and the essence of PrivacySwap.

Well, PrivacySwap is known for its unique features and how everything it offers solves many pain points in the DeFi space. For instance, PRV’s debut answered the security vulnerabilities of the DeFi ecosystem. The release of PrivacyVault or yield optimizer was a response to the concern of whether the platform can offer passive income as it allows you to earn even while sleeping.

Moreover, we also responded to the comments that a mere yield farming platform is too dull and outdated with the release of our Hack the Vault game. This game also finishes several rounds ending with a massive prize. We recently unveiled PRVG and PRV2 to allow you to participate in the platform’s future. This was a response to the dip experienced globally by the whole cryptoverse, including PRV.

Now, what is our response to the world adoption of DeFi-based games and metaverse? Simple: PrivacyCard and the DEX. How? PrivacyCard will allow holders to convert their GameFi tokens supported by the card with the help of a web3 wallet. This will accumulate lesser fees and is withdrawable, thru cold cash, at any time.

With DeX, you can also convert these tokens to all the supported tokens or coins. This will also accumulate a lesser transaction fee as everything can be done through the platform. You can also use our DEX to stake your tokens if you don’t want to withdraw them yet. This will provide extra income, and on top of that, it is passive. Through these features, you can play your favorite GameFi and Metaverse games without thinking of how and where to store your digital assets properly.


The world now sees cryptocurrency as a fantastic avenue to earn money. Thus, DeFi based platforms like PrivacySwap also offer various features to earn money under the ecosystem.

Though the future of the crypto world is still unclear, especially now as it is experiencing a significant dip, cryptocurrency withstood all the hindrances it encountered over the past years. In addition, it has showcased a fantastic performance and is showing tremendous resilience. Thus, we can say, crypto is here to stay.

As time goes by, more problems and concerns may arise. However, PrivacySwap is here for the long run. As much as we possibly can, we will continue to evolve the ecosystem according to the perceived benefit of all users supporting the platform. So, to enjoy all these fantastic features and to have an excellent crypto journey, discover us now.

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