The second half of 2022 has started, Here’s where PrivacySwap is at.

From Super Affiliate Program to continuous debit card updates, here is where PrivacySwap is at in its way to a better DeFi space.

One of the platform’s recent updates is its referral system. They have noticed that the previous referral system won’t generate a passive income to its users. With that, the team developed a new way of referring that will surely provide a passive income to its users. How does this new referral system.

Super Affiliate Program is PrivacySwap’s newest feature. It aims to provide a passive income to its users. By promoting the usage of PrivacyCards, every affiliate could earn a percentage of every top up of its referred person. Income is passive and there would be no extra steps needed. Just allow other users to use your unique referral link, and you can start earning as soon as they top up.

If yoyu want to know how it works kindly refer to the scenario below. This is one of the examples thst we had from one of our recent posts.

  • Ana wants to load 1 ABC token into his Premium Black Card
  • 1 ABC token is worth $100
  • At this point, she sees 1 ABC token as worth $97.5, because PRV already marked up $1 (1%), MA already marked up $1 (1%), and there is a $0.50 markup (0.5%) for SA overriding.
  • When Ana performs the card loading for $97.5, she is further subjected to a 1% card load fee of $0.97.
  • The final amount going into her card is $96.52

After this transaction

  • PrivacySwap earns $1 straight up
  • Joe earns $0.20 as he is still within 1st tier of being a MA. The card load volume is less than $100,000. This means he gets 20% of the total 1% earning.
  • The balance $0.80 meant for Joe goes to PrivacySwap. PrivacySwap will stop earning this portion once Joe reaches tier 5.
  • Since Ana did not refer any sub-affiliate, the full 0.5% markup equating to $0.50 also goes to PrivacySwap.
  • From this scenario PrivacySwap’s total earnings is $3.27. Joe’s total earnings is $0.20.

To learn more about how this new affiliate system works, you can refer here.


Managing your rewards would be possible with the DApp page the team will update as soon as it starts operating. This new landing page is one of the new features PrivacySwap is currently working on. The team is also working on to strengthen the utilities of its PrivacyCard. This includes, redesigning of the cards itself, continuous system upgrade, and endless collaboration with other platforms to support more tokens.

Aside from the PrivacyCards and its referral system, PrivacySwap is also continuously creating features to add to the platform. The team is also working closely with othe platforms to ensure the the PyDEX and the PrivacyCard could support all the existing tokens in the market.

2022 is almost reaching its end and PrivacySwap is just starting with its features . Follow them to stay updated with their new and amazing offerings.

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