The PYDEX Ecosystem: An overview

PrivacySwap will soon launch its very own Decentralized Exchange, and it is jammed-packed with utilities that the whole PRV community will surely enjoy. With this launching, PrivacySwap will revert back to a single-token ecosystem. This means that the PRV2 and PRVG that we love will be merged into one, and that token will be called PYDEX.

The PYDEX token, for simplification, will be used as both the utility and governance token where users can participate in the pools to earn passive rewards, load up their PrivacyCards that PrivacySwap will also launch, and so much more.

The PrivacySwap team has a lot in store for the community to look forward to, and here are just some of the projects under the PYDEX Ecosystem that they should be excited about upon its launch!

PrivacyCard and the Oracle

Under the new ecosystem powered by PYDEX, its native token, PrivacySwap, will launch its very own crypto debit card called PrivacyCard. With this crypto debit card, its holder will be able to spend crypto seamlessly anytime, anywhere. This eliminates the extra step in purchasing something or paying bills using crypto as they can use it similar to a normal debit or credit card.

Aside from its convenience, it will also serve as a passive income for users, as while their crypto is idly staying in their account, it will still earn interest.

To obtain your PrivacyCard, all you have to do is stake PYDEX. There are four tiers of the cards to choose from:

Black Premium Tier, when you stake USD 200 worth of PYDEX

Black Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX

Silver Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX

Gold Metal Tier, when you stake USD 2,000 worth of PYDEX

PrivacySwap’s Oracle is what makes the PrivacyCard possible. It is the technology behind the card-loading system, and without it, PrivacySwap’s highly anticipated PrivacyCard wouldn’t have become a reality.

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PrivacySwap’s Farm and Pools

With the use of PYDEX, users can stake and provide liquidity to PrivacySwaps Farms and Pools for them to earn passive income and rewards. With its competitive interest rates, the community will surely grow and enjoy what they sow.

Furthermore, when you buy NFTs and stake it, the APR for the Farms and Pools will be boosted up to 50%, giving you an additional boost with your passive income venture with PrivacySwap.

PrivacySwap Launchpad

PrivacySwap will also launch its very own launchpad to help both investors and entrepreneurs alike. With this launchpad, the project startup can be helped with the raising of funds they need to continue its project smoothly. Moreover, it will help investors to diversify their portfolio within a single ecosystem, help them decide on the crypto project they want to invest in as these projects will be evaluated before they are launched in the launchpad, and it will provide an insight as to the future of the project itself.

With a launchpad coming to the PYDEX ecosystem, PYDEX will be the one-stop go-to for investors if they want to grow their money with the assurance that it will have a future.

PrivacySwap’s HackerNet

PrivacySwap’s PYDEX is not just an ordinary DEX; it is also a marketplace for cybersecurity-related services. As cybersecurity experts from Singapore founded it, it is expected that such services will be provided for users to enjoy. Not just that, users under this feature could also earn in the process.

Freelancers on PrivacySwap’s HackerNet are curated. Before these freelancers can provide a service, PrivacySwap will ensure that they have the track record and the skill to provide such a service.

PrivacySwap’s HackerNet feature will provide whitehats, smart contracts auditing, and bug bounty services.


It’s a new age for PrivacySwap as it ventures to a wider and bigger platform to be at service for its ever-loyal community. With these features ready to be released upon launching the PYDEX ecosystem, users will surely have a heck of a platform that will fit their needs.

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