The Hodlers Guide to Earning Money in Crypto: PrivacySwap’s 8th DeFi Class

3 min readSep 23, 2021

As the PrivacyCard release is getting nearer, the excitement heats up! With that, we decided to cover the new updates on the great migration on our 8th DeFI class. This article will tackle what happened on our 8th webinar entitled “The Hodlers Guide to Earning Money in Crypto.”

Consistently, the webinar started with the introduction to the platform and its agenda. We gave the updates on our PrivacyCard, the excellent referral system, PRV2, and the plan to eventually move into a DEX. To understand what we discussed, let us break it down into sections.

PrivacyCards: Updated Initial Stake

After a lot of consideration to perfect our PrivacyCard, we finally were able to develop how much the staking requirements for each card will be.

The usability of PrivacyCard expanded over time. PrivacyCard is usable when shopping online and purchasing a wide variety of subscriptions. Storing cryptocurrencies is still possible on the PrivacyCard. The cryptocurrencies accepted at launch are BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, BUSD, USDC, CAKE, EOS ALPACA, XVS, AUTO, MDX, MBOX, and more.

Moreover, the debit card remains fantastic.

PRV2.0 at a Glance

Alongside the card, we also discussed our new tokens, the PRV2 and PRVG. PRV2 is the elevated version of our current PRV, which means it has a higher APR. Once the PrivacyCard is launched, PRV2 is also spendable in the real world. The token will serve as our new farming token.

PRVG is our governance token which allows you to take ownership of farms. Current holders are guaranteed to convert their PRVG and PRV2 at a set ratio.

Farms supported by PRV2.

We also covered how PRV2 and PRVG works on the webinar, and they are as listed:

  • Current PRV token holders can exchange their PRV tokens for PRV2+ PRVG tokens at a predetermined price.
  • There is no need to wait for the IDO. (Previous PRV holders will receive a fixed ratio of PRV2+PRVG.)
  • The transition to PRV2 is a guarantee.
  • Non-PRV owners will be required to participate in the PRV2+ PRVG public sale.
  • There is a limited amount of PRV2+PRVG for initial liquidity.

The referral system is also available on our two new tokens. The referral system includes up to three tiers. A 10% referral bonus is granted on the first tier. On the second tier, 1% of your first layer’s referral harvest is guaranteed. Furthermore, those that stake 2000 PRVG will get access to 1%of the harvest as the third-layer referrals.

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Why are we moving to DEX?

We noticed how a DEX like PancakeSwap, Apeswap, and BiSwap earns. Collaborations and partnerships are also possible with DEX. Since we also aim to provide the lowest swap fee and stability, moving into DEX is the best option. Nevertheless, all the platform does is for the convenience and betterment of our PRVArmies.

As usual, we always give time to our listeners to ask questions on the Q and A portion.

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Our 8th webinar ended up amazing, and the participants actively participated in the DeFi class. We have more gems that are yet to be announced. Furthermore, your concerns, questions, and suggestions are open-heartedly accepted. So make sure to bring it to the table. Ask us on our social media and official web pages below.

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