The highly anticipated PrivacySwap HackerNet Marketplace

PrivacySwap will be launching its very own Decentralized Exchange platform, and under this platform, it will also launch its HackerNet Marketplace.

The highly anticipated utility of the platform was thought of as a need that users could use for their cybersecurity needs. This was added as a response to the passing of the pandemic that heightened the need for healthier cybersecurity hygiene.

What HackerNet can offer

With the HackerNet Marketplace, users can outsource freelancers willing to provide cybersecurity services tailored explicitly for Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

It is similar to Fiverr and Upwork platforms, but instead of providing general services for cybersecurity, it focuses on crypto-based cybersecurity services that offer curated experts in whitehats, smart contract auditing, or bug bounty, the primary goal of PrivacySwap.

Whitehats. A whitehat hacker employs hacking talents to find hardware, software, or networks security flaws. On the other hand, Whitehat hackers follow the rule of law when it comes to hacking, as opposed to black hat hackers.

Smart contract auditors. WhitehatSmart Contract auditors are cybersecurity professionals performing a security check from the job title. This ensures that the on-chain code behind a smart contract is free from bugs or security vulnerabilities.

Bug bounty. Same with whitehats and smart contract auditors, bug bounty programs determine the vulnerabilities of a platform. This service is also to ensure that the platform is secured and unhackable.

These services will expand in the future once the PrivacySwap team identifies what other services a platform needs to provide a seamless service further.

Users can rest assured that such services will be of quality as freelancers under the platform will be curated. This means that before they are listed on the platform, they first go through screening based on client feedback and a proven track record.

Moreover, since the transaction is done under the PrivacySwap canopy, the team can assure that users transact with real people for legitimate and proven services.

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Why PrivacySwap is offering HackerNet

PrivacySwap aims to provide additional possible sources of income for its users. With HackerNet, they can provide services given that they have the qualification.

But the main reason is that the team behind PrivacySwap is in the cybersecurity space. This is why incorporating cybersecurity in a crypto platform makes sense, as the team understands the danger of bad actors trying to exploit a user’s vulnerabilities.

This is also why PrivacySwap is confident in offering this service as the team is an expert themselves in the cybersecurity field. This is the first in the crypto space, and PrivacySwap is pioneering in this area.

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Come and join us now! For projects out there that aim to be listed on our DEX, reach us out through this form.

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