The Great Migration is postponed: a massive opportunity!

3 min readNov 2, 2021


More time now to buy more PRV before the launch!

The Great Migration has been postponed, and it is for us to take advantage of. The postponement was due to Paladin’s advice not to rush the launch as the audit was not ideal. PrivacySwap responded with a 7-day postponement to make everything safe and not subject the PRVArmy to any vulnerabilities.

However, what do we do with this extra time? Here are three things to do before THE day finally comes!

Buy more PRV!

Now that the price pegging was postponed to November 08, 2021, the PRVArmy now has ample time to buy more PRV. You know the drill; the more PRV you hodl, the more PRV2 and PRVG you will have after the pegging!

Furthermore, the price pegging is set to a 1:1.1 ratio. This means that if you own $10,000 worth of PRV and you utilized this time to buy more $10,000 worth more, you’ll now have $22,000 worth of (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG. That’s easy money! Whohoo!

Also, this is an opportunity for those who don’t have PRV yet and plans to acquire during the public sale. The price pegging is one of the highlights of the Great Migration. It is free money! Who does not want free money in these trying times? This is the most incredible opportunity to participate in, and we must make the most of it!

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Familiarize more with crypto and PrivacySwap

An informed decision is always the best way to go. In everything you do, especially when it involves money, investments, or finances, you must know in detail what you are getting yourself into.

PrivacySwap offers free Defi Classes. Topics involve all about the cryptoverse, its nature, and even the pros and cons about it. The team also conducts AMA sessions for the PRVArmy to understand what the team is doing for the PRV ecosystem and assure them that PRV is moving forward with its goals.

ProvacySwap offers news, stories, and informative articles both on its Medium and WordPress pages. The PRVArmy and potential PRV hodlers and investors could easily access it and know more about PRV and what it could offer for free!

Refer more friends!

PrivacySwap has a comprehensive referral system that you can utilize. Let us say that you managed to invite ten people within seven days, and those ten people bought PRV worth $10,000; immediately, 8% of that transaction will automatically be yours. Basically, with the ten people, you will have $8,000 worth of additional from referral alone!

Furthermore, if those ten people you referred refer 2 people each, and they also bought $10,000, you will have an additional 3% for every transaction made by the referrals of those you referred. That is an additional of $6,000 credited to your account for the first day of their PRV journey! 🔥

Hodl as much as you can!

Every trader knows that the only way to get the most profit from a cryptocurrency project is to hodl it to the moon. Quoting Zhao Changpeng, “if you cannot hold, you won’t be rich.” We agree. If you prematurely sold your crypto, you will not be able to enjoy its gains after it soared through the moon.

A lot of stories would go about how they regretted selling their tokens prematurely. If only they weren’t enticed with premature gains, they would have become multi-millionaires by now.

By this, we should all remember to hodl until the prices soar to the farthest corners of the galaxy! We should always keep in mind that every market correction kay occurs daily; it is just an opportunity to buy more tokens and not panic sell.

In the right cryptocurrency project, the only way for prices is to go up! Although there are some detours along the way, the fact never changes that the goal is the same.

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