The First Wave of Improvements.

  • We are also adjusting the current pool multipliers a little bit to make it more juicy for you to be invested in PRV as opposed to other pools.
  • At the same time, in order to make it more conducive for you to farm non-native pool despite adjusting its multipliers, we have heard our community and will be reducing our deposit fees across the board from 5% to 3.5%.
  • Lottery. Have some extra PRV? Buy a ticket and stand a chance to win a PRV jackpot. ETA is mid June.
  • Redesign of web UIUX. Current platform doesn’t look the prettiest. We are in the process of redesigning it and the ETA is end of May.
  • We are targeting promotional articles on crypto-focused news outlets to spread the word of PrivacySwap and its vision of a better and safer Internet.
  • We will be hosting a logo re-design contest in line with the UIUX redesign as mentioned above. We are still figuring out the mechanics of this competition, and will announce it as soon as we can!



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