The DeFi Platform improvement essence, and how you can benefit from it

No platform in the whole DeFi ecosystem started perfectly. That is why we will look at the DeFi platform improvement essence and how you can benefit from it.

Like your device software, a platform also needs an upgrade. This is to improve the platform itself, increase security, and provide more features to its users. Nevertheless, all the improvements and developments the platform does are for its users’ betterment.

Projects should improve their platform to address some concerns that are discovered there. Regardless of how profitable the DeFi ecosystem is, problems such as hack-vulnerability, high gas fees, and other risks and drawbacks are present.

Although minimal intermediary was one of the major pitches of blockchain technology, more centralized and traditional banking is slowly adapting to such culture. It is commonly present in a lot of alternatives today. In addition, smart contracts and all other technology that make crypto transactions private and smooth require a gas fee. Thus, gas fees add up extra charges, which sometimes become one of the major drawbacks of a DeFi platform.

Moreover, each platform has specific reasons why they improve their platforms.

PrivacySwap is also one of the platforms that will improve and upgrade our system, and here is how a user like you benefit from it.

Why should you take advantage of PrivacySwap’s PRV before we move to a better ecosystem?

Most platforms started on their promotional stage, more like testing the water. They tried what they thought would suit them better on the platform. However, most of these platforms offer the best return to their users, which entices them.

For people to continuously use a platform, one of the aspects they are looking for is how often developers update the system, especially when it comes to security. Therefore, platform updates are rampant in the DeFi ecosystem.

Customers are the most important factor for business growth in the traditional market. Their opinions are the most valued ones. That is why business owners make all those constructive comments to create a business that answers all concerns. Therefore, customers benefit the most from the business improvement.

Users in DeFi, also known as hodlers, play a vital role. They are the most important factors that affect the price and the platform’s growth. Therefore, platform developers value them the most and ensure they are included in the platforms’ growth and success.

PrivacySwap also brings along the same philosophy as we ensure all our PRVArmies are getting the financial freedom they deserve. With that, we make sure that we bring along our current PRV holders as we move to a better platform.

As we release our two new tokens ( PRVG and PRV2), we assure you that our current PRV holders will receive the best return. That is why we allocate 80% of the initial supply of the two new tokens to our current PRV holders. Moreover, new crypto investors can also receive the benefit once the tokens are launched.

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The bottom line

With the help of investors, who have great minds for ecosystem development, DeFi improved so much over the years. Rampant hacks and fraudulent events also trigger developers to tighten the security of its platform. Moreover, to lure more consumers, upgrading the system and providing more features are essential.

At the end of the day, platform developers make sure that every concern will be address on the update as much as possible. In addition, they also ensure that every investor will earn great returns as they move to a better ecosystem.

Come and join PrivacySwap now, as we make investing in DeFi secured and private with a passive and great return.

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