State of the PRV Address on Clubhouse Session: PrivacyCards, PRV V2, and more!

4 min readSep 10, 2021


Aside from the ongoing monthly seminar, PrivacySwap is also doing a clubhouse session monthly. This event provides information and updates about new features, and some sneak peek at what is happening on the backend. In the recently concluded session, we discussed our new features: the PrivacyCard, PRVG, PRV2, and the Great Migration.

Last September 8, 2021, the platform had its monthly clubhouse session. Like their free DeFi classes, the session started with the “agenda of the evening” to provide awareness of what will happen during the entire AMA. The topics discussed were the privacy card, Great Migration, PRVG, PRV2, and answers to the questions from the attendees.

PrivacyCards, how is it going so far?

“Basically, we had just completed card loading, platform development… finishing up the testing, minor touches, and hardened every security-related things on our PrivacyCard”

- PrivacySwap

They also informed that once the team finalized PrivacyCard’s platform, they will link it to their main web page so users can start buying their PrivacyCard there.

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For the winners of the PrivacyCard early access program, the designated staff is already processing everything needed for the PrivacyCard to get delivered.

Leaders and partners are actively opening new markets. To name a few, in Vietnam and Thailand, partners had open group chats, and it shows active participation from both investors

and admins. In addition, lots of investors from the said country had already set up their referral wallets and actively referring friends and other investors into the platform. This hype could be because of the Great Migration the platform is planning for its investors.

In addition, the hype also brings green candles to the platform as they also experienced a price surge from the past few days.

The Great Migration: what is it all about?

The platform had considerably evolved since its birth last April. From being a yield farming platform, the platform is now known for its various offerings such as Yield Optimizer, PrivacyMixer, Hack the Vault, and now its new feature, the PrivacyCard. It does not end with that. On the platform’s recent webinar, they also announced their two new tokens ( PRVG and PRV2) that will surely bring more income to its investors.

The said features were also discussed in the recent clubhouse session. The platform had witnessed how the crypto market crashed during the previous months and noticed how investors liquidated red candles among many projects. Putting all the ideas from both developers and the community, the team came up with the new tokenomics. This new tokenomics will surely bring more investors and will also greatly benefit its current PRV holders.

For the benefit of those who are not aware of what both tokens can do, let’s put them here again PRV2 will be used for high APR, even up to 30,000 percent. PRV2 will function like PRV but with a higher return. On the flip side, PRVG will be the platform’s first-ever governance token. Aside from the primary function of the token to give holders the right to vote on what will be the direction of the projects, the holders will also become owners of the farms and pools.

Furthermore, somewhere down its roadmap, PrivacySwap will also release its own DEX (decentralized exchange). The platform is still honing tokenomics, and updates will be posted once everything is done and finalized.

Q: There are farms that give high APR that are not sustainable, is there a way around that you have guys (PrivacySwap team) figured out?

“It may become around 0.1 to 10–20. Trying to take the amount of time to distribute the token that we gonna have. The plan for PRV2 is not just to aim to provide a high emission the whole time. The Division that we are looking for is about 2 to 3 months thereabout before we move towards DEX.”

— L of PrivacySwap

Moreover, the platform announces more things to look for, such as more funds coming in, PR articles, and Youtubers Partnership, which will bring more engagement with the platform.

Like the free DeFi classes, hosts also allow attendees to participate in the session by giving them time to ask questions.


As the platform moves toward a better DeFi space, more things are coming up. Rest assured, the platform remains Privacy-focused and making sure that they benefit everyone who comes into the platform. PrivacySwap will continuously do this type of session alongside their monthly webinars. If you are interested in knowing more and being updated on what is upcoming, make sure to check the be pages and social media below.

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