Our Smart Contract audits with TechRate has been completed. It can be viewed on our GitHub.

There were two low severity issues identified. Namely a block gas limit issue that MAY arise if pool size gets huge and also a add function issue where if we tried to add two of the same pools, it would affect prvRewards. That being said, this is an issue that we are mitigating in the mean time, by keeping a very detailed spreadsheet on the respective pool IDs as well as pool types. At the same time, we are limiting the addition of new pools to be done by only two team members, to act as counterchecks with one another.

With this being said, we are definitely exploring a further audit with CertiK in the near future in order to ensure an as accurate as possible assessment of our smart contracts. This will come after we launch our yield optimizer as that would encompass new smart contracts to be deployed as well.

Hang tight. We are just taking off.

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