September 18, 2021: PRV Token Weekly Recap

PRV Weekly Recap. To the moon!

There’s a lot of happenings in the cryptoverse and PRV is not the one to be left behind. PRV is about to embark a new chapter as the unfolding of The Great Migration is getting nearer. Still on a bearish run or not, the community is ever excited to reach the moon and we can’t wait to meet everybody at the top!

Ready for a look back on PRV’s performance for the past week? Lezzgo!!

Market correction making its move!

Every known market has been on a market correction phase most of the time. As we know, this is to stabilize the market from the sudden surge of buying PRV. This is all normal and there’s nothing to worry about.

PRV closed the week at $3.05 USD with a trading volume of $48,987.80. Still not bad considering that before the surge the price was $2.34.

A lot of factors could be attributed for this market correction. Actually, if it weren’t for the recent dump on BTC, all altcoins could have soared to the moon and beyond. The recent dump that occurred on September 8, 2021 took a toll to all other coins, prompting a massive market correction.

But hey, market corrections are part of any trading activities. What must we do? We hodl! And we hodl strong!

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Just HODL tight!

A seasoned trader would not falter with any market correction no matter how big they’ll be. For them, market corrections serve as an opportunity to buy more. Market correction season is a season to buy and add it to the stash.

We have a community of hodlers that are getting stronger in numbers, lurking and buying the dips, and also waiting for PRV to reach the moon.

As we know, all success stories from crypto-millionaires came from those who patiently hodl their tokens until it flies to whatever galaxy it may reach. These are the ones who bought the dip, saw market corrections as opportunities to buy again, and trusted the process. Rather than regret the day that we sell our PRV at a price lower than the price at the moon (like regret stories who sold their crypto assets early), we hodl. As Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, has said, if you cannot hodl, then you won’t be rich.

The only way is UP UP UP!!

Changpeng Zhao once said on his tweets, zoom out, HODL.

The reason behind? If you look at the chart zoomed out from the beginning to end, you’ll see that the token has reached its lowest point and guess what? The only direction it’ll take is UP.

Why is this the case you ask? Well for starters, it is establishing the support level. This followed a path similarly taken by Cardano $ADA:

As you can see from the zoomed-out chart of Cardano, at first it went down to the price of 0.15 cents from a price of more than $1 USD. At that point, $ADA is still establishing its support level and now? It went to the moon!

PRV has a lot in store for its hodlers, and the upcoming The Great Migration is proof that PRV has a future and it’ll soar to the galaxies and beyond!

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The cryptoverse can be unforgiving, but it has been proven by the PRVArmy that we are resilient and not easily disheartened with any market correction. With the roadmap laid for the upcoming migration, our hodlers are on the right path! With this, as we see market corrections as an opportunity to buy, let us buy PRV and hold until it reaches the moon and beyond! Join us on this trip to the galaxies!

And that’s a wrap for this week’s token recap! Tune in for next week as we tackle PRV’s week-long performance together!

Just remember, zoom out, buy the dip, and hooooooooodl to the moon!




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