September 11, 2021 : PRV Token Weekly Recap

3 min readSep 11, 2021


The community, the chart, and the stars seem to align for PRV 2.0!

It’s PRV’s best performance (yet) after almost 3 months of bearish season! This week, PrivacySwap’s beloved token price has finally breached a plateauing resistance after garnering an incredible 44% increase in less than 36 hours! Pretty neat! 🤩

Although we’ve still recorded some red tidings, the sky remains bright as we prepare to embark on The Great Migration. The community, the chart, and the stars seem to align for this epic galactic journey!

Ready to see how we’ve fared for the past week? Let’s briefly rewind!

..And we’ve lift off! 🚀

The dry spell is officially broken as PRV closed the week at $3.95 (Sept-10, 23:00). That’s 37.9% higher than last week’s! But if you think that’s impressive, check out PRV ‘s performance on the first few days of this period!

That’s some green sightings in Planet $$$$!

Our Monday started with a bang when PRV started bearish just before we even had breakfast. But hey- we’re not complaining! 🙈 Check out those tall green candles which took us straight to the moon in less than 24 hours. From $2.47 to $4.43, real quick? That’s pretty impressive right? Right!

After a few flux however, a price drop was recorded mid-Wednesday ($4.52 to $3.84). But that’s not enough to dull our PRVArmy’s diamond hands, the community hodl until the price finally pulled back to $4.17. 😅

Another dip approaching? Nah.

The value appears to have maintained status quo when buyers and seller battle for an intense 2-day period. The skirmish finally ends with PRV price emerging at $4.42, Friday. Not bad! 🤔

However, we still acknowledge that the token is still finding some support attributing to the fact that it just came in from a bearish season. So yeah, while a dip is possibly approaching, we are placing our bet instead on a safely brewing market correction that is definitely bound to serve as a catalyst for the next bear.

What should you do?

One strategy is to hold. PRV has proven its ability to be resilient in the midst of the non-forgiving cryptoverse. While a long and dragging bearish season is enough to dishearten other projects, PrivacySwap is not as easy as to lose heart! 💞

And why would we? With a robust roadmap ahead, featuring the The Great Migration towards better opportunities, PRV would just keep getting better and better.

Another strategy is to buy PRV at this point! Especially when the release of the two new tokens are dawning upon us! Remember, in PRV 2.0: even if the move to PRV2 is guaranteed; non-PRV holders will have to participate in the public sale for PRV2+PRVG. You have to be quick! There is limited amount of PRV2+PRVG for initial liquidity.

Say hello to higher APR-farms/planets, universally-accessible PrivacyCards, and a new and improved version of your beloved defi project in the whole Milky Way galaxy! 🌌

Tune in next week for another Token Recap and be on the loop with PRV’s week-long performance!




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