September 03, 2021 : PRV Token Weekly Recap

3 min readSep 4, 2021
Some tall green candles to light our way towards the upcoming Great Migration

We had another dip this week but still, PRV finished the week strong at $2.40 (Sept-03 14:00)! In yet another price battle of ups and downs, we’re starting to see green candles light up amidst the long overdue bearish season.

So before we give you a sneak peak of some of our exciting upcoming projects, let’s take a look at this week’s PRV Token Weekly Recap!

Green candles with hopeful undertones 🕯️🙏

PRV started this week at $2.33 (Aug-28 00:00) which is slightly lower as the preceding week’s opening. It pretty much maintained the status quo for the whole day until red bars started to show in the middle of Sunday.

Come 30th, the price boomeranged as it dropped to $2.27 then shot back to $2.32 before closing. Finally, we observed a sharp plunge on the next day which was mimicked in a span of just a few hours, as seen in our chart. The PRVArmy held their breath as everyone braced for PRV hitting its all time low of $2.25.

Some notable tall green candles for this week!

However, it seems that it was just what some investors are waiting for. In a span of 24 hours, PRV’s price pulled back to $2.40! That’s an impressive 8% growth in a day!

And while the price slowly dialed back after some price skirmishes on Thursday to early-Friday, no one can deny the beauty of that tall green candle at 11:00 Sept-03, closing the week at $2.40!

We’re counting this week as a win for us!✨

And it’s definitely a win for you too; with our upcoming suite of utilities set to launch anytime soon, and of course the much anticipated Great Migration!

Buckle up for our new galactic conquest! 🌌

We’ve announced on our previously conducted DeFi Class the launch of our two new tokens, the PRV2 and PRVG, ushering in a new era of PRV 2.0!

Bigger, better, and bolder.

PRV 2.0 is PrivacySwap’s timely response to the current PRV Climate. If you’ve missed the DeFi class, you can check out the highlights here but the offhand summary is we are going back to our roots- farming! 🚜

Yes! We are becoming a farm again.

Say hello to higher APRs = higher returns while we transition to an ecosystem with PRVG officially becoming the governance token.

Rest assured that we would guide you towards onboarding our new vessel bound for the moon. To avoid being left behind, follow our social media and website to get updated. Otherwise, you can always drop by our PRVArmy Telegram channel for some news with chitchat on the side.

Our price chart is starting to show some good signs. And we’ll take everything we can get as we prepare to embark on a journey to greener pastures- or should we say greener-bluer-redder-purpler-pinkier galaxies!

Whichever planet we may end up on, know that we’ll always build from the ground up, new opportunities for our beloved PRVArmy! So sit back, buckle up, and prepare for take off! 🚀




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