PYDEX has launched! Here’s what you should know

3 min readMay 1, 2022


PYDEX has launched, just as we promised!

If you have been with us for a while now, you would know that PrivacySwap has been planning its transition to DEX since its inception in April last year.

This final layer aims to usher a bigger ecosystem with stronger utilities, lower transaction fees, and more income opportunities for its users.

The team has always been clear about its roadmap and long-term vision. Regardless of unforseen delays, the plan has never changed. And now that we are finally seeing the realization of what we’ve promised, there are just a few more updates you must know about:

After months of testing and enhancing, we have finally managed to get our integrations working as we want them to. We acknowledge that we are a little behind schedule. However, we are proud to announce that our new UI is finally up and running.

You may check out our new look here

What we are currently doing

At the moment, we are in the process of redesigning some of the graphics to make them nicer and better. We are having an overall revamp on our system. We have created our new PYDEX logo. We also have new card images, and some pages of our website will be redesigned. For now, our new exchange on our new DEX is fully functional.

You may start adding liquidity to new pairs in preparation for our farms. Currently, as PYDEX does not yet have a price, anywhere which reflects price (like in the menu or APR in the Farms pages) will show a NaN or blank. Once liquidity is added and PYDEX has a price, these numbers will auto-update. You can now start adding liquidity to the pairings we have on our farms and stake them, but emissions will only begin later today.

Referrals are up and running as well with our new Referral Dashboard, so you may also start going in and referring your friends.

Our Partner Pools are cross-farming initiatives we will be having in the next few weeks to come.

PrivacyCard is the long-awaited dashboard that is completed and will be launched in the next week or so, ready for users to start staking and getting their hands on the much-spoken-about PrivacyCards. It will have links to the card acquisition and loading platform along with the staking pages. Anyone who is interested in partnerships will also be able to find out more there.

Privacy LaunchPad is our Initial DEX Offering platform where new and exciting projects will be launched via our DEX, and by exposing you, our users to new projects from all over!

We will be constantly improving our web as well as our content. For now, comments and suggestions can be submitted via

In order to make sure that we are not launching in the middle of the morning for some users, we have firmed up the timeline to be an additional 24-hour pushback. This is so that everyone has sufficient time to prepare for initial liquidity to be added, and farms to begin. With that, here is the finalized updated timelines.

Finalized Timelines

Adding BNB and BUSD Liquidity for PYDEX.

Original timeline: 28 April 2022 1200hrs GMT+8.

Revised timeline: 1 May 2022 1200hrs GMT+8.


Revised timeline: 1 May 2022 1230hrs GMT+8.

Deployment of PYDEX UI.

Original timeline: 28 April 2022 1200hrs GMT+8.

Revised timeline: COMPLETED.

Cut off for PRV2 and PRVG to PYDEX Swaps.

Original timeline: 28 April 2022 2359hrs GMT+8.

Revised timeline: 1 May 2022 2359hrs GMT+8.

Farms Emissions Start.

Original timeline: 28 April 2022 2300hrs GMT+8.

Revised timeline: 1 May 2022 2300hrs GMT+8.

Official Time:

Furthermore, anyone and everyone who is eligible for airdrops until today has been airdropped their PRVG and MUST swap for their PYDEX before 1 May 2022 2359hrs GMT+8. Please be aware that the swaps will close after this. If you believe that we have missed out on your airdrops, please let us know IMMEDIATELY!

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