Pushing the boundaries of crypto with PrivacyCards

Gone are the days when crypto remains to be a digital currency. With the development of crypto debit cards such as PrivacyCards, a bridge has been built between cryptocurrency and fiat, and the possibilities are limitless. With the advancements of blockchain technology moving forward each day, knowing that spending crypto is possible with a single swipe is a relief as it will have unimaginable use cases that will surely make our day-to-day transactions easier and more efficient.

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Exciting days ahead

The crypto industry is booming like never before, and it’s a good thing that users can now spend their hodling quickly and seamlessly. With PrivacyCards, they can do whatever they want with low transaction fees and higher rewards.

PrivacyCards are paving the way for spending crypto without the unnecessary and tedious steps. Users can use their PrivacyCards like a traditional debit card, but instead of loading fiat funds, they load them with crypto.

However, unlike traditional debit cards, user can grow their money with PrivacySwap’s competitive APRs and a comprehensive referral system and rewards. Users can use their PrivacyCards as a passive income generator; there’s nothing more glorious than that!

It’s easy to get your hands on PrivacyCards. When it launches, all you have to do is stake PYDEX, the native token of PrivacySwap Decentralized Exchange, choose the PrivacyCard that you want, and stake PYDEX.

There will be four (4) new crypto debit cards that PrivacySwap will release. The following will be the staking requirements for each card:

  • Black Premium Tier, when you stake USD 200 worth of PYDEX
  • Black Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX
  • Silver Metal Tier, when you stake USD 1,000 worth of PYDEX
  • Gold Metal Tier, when you stake USD 2,000 worth of PYDEX

Of course, the higher the tier that you get, the higher the rewards will be. For the Gold Metal Tier card, you will have as much as 10% incentives each time you transact with your PrivacyCard compared to the Black Premium’s 2%.

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Learn more about the PrivacyCards, the pride of PrivacySwap, here:

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