PRV For Your Thoughts: Who could blame the PRVArmy for their excitement?

4 min readOct 30, 2021


Who could blame the PRVArmy for their excitement?

The Great Migration is right around the corner, and the PRVArmy is starting to make noise out of the excitement of the upcoming event. We cannot help but notice their enthusiasm towards their PRVs to be finally pegged with a fixed ratio of (pre) PRVG and (pre) PRV2, and who could blame them? It is an exciting event!

Ready for last week’s latest news and community highlights? Let’s go!

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The much-awaited price pegging of PRV

The wait is nearly over as the much-anticipated price pegging is nearly here. This is the last time to buy more PRV as when the pegging starts, PRV can no longer be bought and is already obsolete.

Sammyboy encourages the community:

“Remember not to let the charts play to your emotion. If you have a financial goal, follow that. A temporary drop does not equate to the team not doing a good job. Ask yourself this question just as I always do.. if I have 5000 PRV… Will it change your life if it goes up by $1… how about $10.. how about 5x.. because the truth is.. After you sell for profits… the good buy in price point might forever be history.

Trust the team and the developments. With a card without limit. We win together.”

To which Lee Nic Ho punctuates with:

“Sunday sermon ❤️❤️❤️+1”

Bristly Whiskers comments about the date:

“Last day before the peg! We’ll probably see higher than usual volume today.”

Freakdomk reminds everyone:

last chance to get more PRV..Remember, when u get PRV, you will be receiving PRV2 and PRVG! Double

When it was announced that the pegged price of PRV is $8, the community has this to say:

Sammyboy: “Price peg $8 is good. Leave space for the presale people to buy”

freakdomk: “Eh..nice Peg at $8. What’s the ratio of PRv2 and prvG? Where’s the info on this?”

Bristly Whiskers: “beautiful to see”

Ykk, on the other hand, has another reason to be excited about:

“Why are you guys so excited for the pegging? I’m excited for the card loading on desktop.”

With all these awesome things happening in the PRV ecosystem, it’s no wonder Shizun Wong asks:

“And I donno why people are still selling. Must be not in chat.”

To which Mr. D responds:

“there will always be such ppl who never bother to join the community”

Ykk adds:

“It’s okay. Why do you guys complain? Their loss la. If they don’t lose we won’t win.”

The AMA session aftermath

The AMA session was conducted on October 25, 2021 at 9:30 PM (GMT+8). For those who were not able to join, you can still watch it here. After the AMA on Monday night, everyone was hyped!

Sammyboy starts:

“Prv2.. if people dump… they can no longer farm.. but the people who hold, they will also earn back fast because of hyper farming. This will be the coin that will give you your:

25X when it’s $1.

250X when it’s $10.

2500X when it’s $100.

Prvg… is a governance token.. you essentially co-own PRV, how much you own is how much shares in PRV you co-own. it gives you dividends (ie. Selling taxes etc) and it is also used for card staking.

Strong tokenomics and functions 👍👍🚀🚀”

freakdomk adds to it:

“you know whats best! 30k the farm money on the prv card! life ahead for all prv fans!”

PRVAdmin, who has been busy with backend work for a while, dropped by for a quick chat:

“Thanks everyone for joining our AMA. The team and I have been working really hard on this, and we are excited to show the world our little baby. I will have some free time to dedicate to our lovely community very soon! Thank you for your support! And in case anyone needs to know, every single person on our team is heard and has a voice. We don’t have any internal trauma inducing colleagues — we support fair and open team dynamics!”

Joe was awesome enough to draft this sample computation:

Sample computation for PRV pegging.

PrivacySwap x Dopple partnership

PrivacySwap x Dopple partnership

Mr. D shared the PrivacySwap x Dopple partnership, with the announcement article.

Dopple will also be releasing a debit card on its own with its partnership with PrivacySwap. This was announced on Dopple DeFi Ecosystem’s Medium on October 25, 2021.

The AMA session is back, yet again!

Another AMA session will be conducted on November 01, 2021 at 9:30 PM (GMT+8), which can be viewed here. For sure, it will also be a productive session just like the last time! See you there PRVArmy!

And that’s a wrap for PRV For Your Thoughts. Tune in for the next ! See you all next week!

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