PRV For Your Thoughts: UI or Functionality? We Got Both!

5 min readSep 5, 2021
“Rome was not built in one day, but [the] team is on the right path” @Kkkilla

Can we just say it outright first? We’re so happy to see more community members joining the discussion in the PrivacySwap Telegram channel!

Last week has been pretty fun with neophytes enlisting in the PRVArmy, and our ever-helpful PRVeterans guiding them on their onboarding. We’re gonna need this kind of camaraderie, especially as we embark towards The Great Migration🕊️ to PRV 2.0!

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at this week’s highlights on the PRVArmy community!

“Release the Cards!”

Following the announcement of winners of the Early Access PrivacyCards, our victors can’t wait to get a hold of their ticket to buying stuff with crypto.

@freakdomk wants an update:

“has anyone receive the cards?”

@PRV Admin responds:

“Not yet I believe. Have checked with my card processing colleague. Those who sent in valid images and forms is getting processed! Will share here!”

We ask for a bit more of your patience, but rest assured that we are putting the release of the cards at top priority! By the time you receive it, we are expecting some kickass snaps📷, okay?

PRV Monday Square Off! 👊

An interesting discourse between our two PRVates left others at the edge of their seat, buuut enlightened at the same time! This Monday, we had @Kkkilla on the red corner and @Matthew Banks on the blue, as they settled the age-old question: looks👀 or the brains🧠?

@Kkkilla on PRV getting listed:

“Do we know when the next exchange listing? Like Kucoin or smth. We need deeper liquidity I believe”

@Matthew Banks opines:

“You will get it, on DEXes”

@Kkkilla responds:

“Dex is not enough. We definitely need more exchanges, centralized exchanges with name”

@Matthew Banks asks for patience:

“It will be, just patience, mate. For now I’m nice to see a good UI. A lot of teams are neglecting UI and put tech side and functionality in priority.”

This is where stuff gets more interesting, with both corners having a totally different position:


Tech side should be priority. No? 😳

@Matthew Banks:

“It is but for masses UI matters more. Intuitive design let the product to be even more attractive for end users.”


I see, ok. Well, team is focused on spotless product. Here we go 🚀”

@Matthew Banks ends his case:

“Despite I like the project very much we are just going to being spotless.”

Aaand @Kkkilla drops some nugget of truth:

“Rome was not built in one day, but team is on the right path”

PRV price queries

We’ve released this week’s PRV Token Weekly Recap wherein we reported some tall green candles indicative of some price growth! But earlier, @E San expresses their concern about the PRV price:

“I bought some PRV at $7.50 and now it’s dying. Is that the end of this game?”

To which longtime active PRVeteran @Joe responds:

“Read the pin”

E San is thankful:

“Thanks! Just managed to figure out where’s the pin.. hahaha new to crypto and telegram!”

Speaking of games, @. asked whether Hack The Vault is still on🤔:

“It was said previously the game would helps, but seems like it didn’t and the game has stopped?”

@Ykk responds:

“The game is still ongoing. The team is just very busy with layer 2. Bt it requires ppl to play for it to run. I’m guessing the cards are so close to launch to the backend for the cards would require a lot of focus”

@. continues:

“Hope too. Has been pretty quiet here lately”

Yep, Hack the Vault is still on-going! But as correctly said by PRVeteran @Ykk, we need you guys to start playing! Remember, the game starts only when there’s 10PRV in the vault:

Mistaken Identity 🕵️

We were surprised when community member @MC asked a question on how he can move his PRV to Incognito. When the others ask for a screenshot, he’s happy to oblige:

“The wallet shows that it does support PRV — but I guess you have to purchase in app (PRV withdrawals, but no deposits). I’m not sure if this is a bug/flaw, or by design.”

Eagle-eyed @BQ was quick to ask:

“You sure that is us? We have never been to $2.08"

@MC responds:

“I thought this wallet had ties to PRV. I am assuming so, but could be wrong?”

@YH clarifies:

“They are different. The PRV in your wallet refers to Privacy, the native coin of the Incognito Network. Our PRV is PrivacySwap, an utility token.”

@Ringo adds to the conversation:

“Read closer buddy, that PRV belongs to Incognito wallet it self. It’s not PrivacySwap (PRV), it’s Incognito (PRV). I should be rewarded 10 PrivacySwap 😂😂🤣🤣

@MC is glad to be enlightened:

“Aaaaaaaaahhhh…. Thanks YH, and all. The same ticker! I though this wallet was linked / promoted by PrivacySwap (but I could be mistaken). If so, that’s a little misleading!”

Hard work pays off!

We are ending this week’s article with some heart warming first post from a newly enlisted PRVAte:

@Ringo shares how he came across PrivacySwap:

“I came across after seeing this 😍😍”

“I am happy to include this project to my portfolio — also will be looking forward to know about the debit card, I am using Wirex very much and hope I can get PrivacySwap debit card in my physical wallet

@Ringo adds:

“long live PrivacySwap! 😍😍😍😍😍

This is why we, the core team, would never get tired of pushing the project to various crypto marketing avenues. Popularity pays off! But of course, as what we have learned with the great @Kkkilla and @Matthew Banks face-off, the tech side EQUALLY matters.

And with that, we end this week’s PRV For Your Thoughts! Head over to the official PrivacySwap Telegram channel and start participating! Come and hang, settle comfortably.

But not as comfortable as this:





Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.