PRV For Your Thoughts: There’s no stopping PRV! 🚀🌕

There seems to be no stopping PRV from reaching the moon!

We cannot stress this enough, the highly anticipated Great Migration is nearly here! The PRV2, the PRVG, the PrivacyCards, and all that the PRV Team has in store for the PRVArmy is fast approaching and we are up for it!

As THE day gets closer, the hype over PRV gets more intense in preparation for the swapping of PRV to PRVG and PRV2. This caused the PRV price to surge, welcoming a whopping $7.27 USD from last month’s $2-ish slump!

While PRV’s price surge is easily the top highlight, this week’s other highlights are also worth mentioning; from admin’s new poll for NFTs, to the upcoming AMA session!

Can’t wait for the latest news and highlights for this week? Well, here we go!

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There’s no stopping PRV!

The community has been exchanging their thoughts and excitement on PRV’s steady increase in price this week. The PRVAmy has been sharing screenshots of PRV’s surge over the week and we are digging it!

Cky is feeling positive about PRV:

The chart pattern looks so bullish,it might easily shoot up to $7–10 before migrate I think,I don’t wanna lose my PRV when break liquidity time.

To which Anneis replies:

The price of exchange will be set by dev. so they already have the swap price in mind.

Ryan also chimes in:

I’m very excited for The Great Migration! :)

Alnitak, apparently a new community member, has a question:

Hey all. I am very intrigued by PRV. One question, please. Is the amount of currency on circulation fixed? (Like Bitcoin).

Adrian replies:

Yea the amount of coins being able to be minted and circulate is fixed.

YH adds to the conversation:

the “PRV stats” section on provides a more accurate circulating supply.

Little did Cky knew that his prediction was correct! PRV is now at the $7 USD mark and its still rising! Woohoo!

Green is Good!

The community is sharing their excitement in the recent pump of PRV:

Lee Nic Ho shared this pretty green candle from PrivacySwap:

PRV continues to pump!

Joe believes that:

Will see more FOMO after $4.50 😂

And shares this photo:

A long-time lurker, Bristly Whiskers, comes out to say some positive things:

Good evening all. Been a while — hope you are all well. I took a hiatus from BSC after the May crash and have only opened my telegram this week. Looking forward to PRV 2.0, keeping my eyes open for the great migration. Anyways gonna be lurking and might ask questions as they appear. talk soon

Yan Ling has this to say:

Tomorrow we say goodbye to $5 and welcome to $6 🤭

To which freakdomk says:

Nice 20%, everyone pump. Huat eh!

Cky continues to be optimistic:

Of course everyday gain $1–2 and then $100 prv

Iron Man brings his whole family in:

My family all in 🤗 let fly together

Shizun Wong is excited:

Looks like we can buy a house on nov 6, fly to the moon on nov 8 and own a few factories on nov 11. 😂

To which Swaggy T adds:

I want to buy lambo 😂

Ban of Binance in SG

There has been a recent announcement on binance that it will cease its products and offerings in Singapore.

With this, Lee Nic Ho has a Christmas wish:

All i want for xmas is for binance to unban in sg🤣

And shares this photo:

Earning money made easy!

The NFTs are here!

The PRVAdmin informed the whole community that the team are considering releasing NFTs as part of the presale plan. There will be three (3) tiers of NFTs at differing prices: 0.25 BNB for 10% additional APR, 0.50 BNB for 20% additional APR, and 1.00 BNB for 50% additional APR. The PRVAdmin asked the PRVArmy to which tier will they choose in a poll:

PRVAdmin the poll can be accessed here.

Hi guys. As we move towards PRV2. Here’s a poll for you guys! Yes, I am hard at work and a SUPER RARE POKEMON NOW! Details of the NFTs will be released later. But vote!

BQ has a question about it:

Is there an option of no nft for higher yield? Lol

PRVAdmin replies:

Welllllllll. I wish that there were. But PRV2 will be higher yield. Heehee.

Bristly Whiskers has a suggestion:

Consider time limiting the NFTs. Then you can have variety:

1) 0.25 BNB for 8 hours of +10%APR

2) 0.50 BNB for 20 hours of +20%


Having unlimited APR boost will help in the short term, but not in a sustainable way

The AMA session is back!

AMA session was postponed last week, but it will be rescheduled on Monday, 18 October 2021 at 9:30 pm. This will be conducted on Zoom but it will also be simultaneously streamed to our Facebook page and our YouTube channel. The link to join the event is here.

We are hoping to see all of them there with us! See you all next week!

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