PRV For Your Thoughts: The PrivacyCards are here!

It’s a brand new week and there’s a lot to cover!

We are all over the news with the new updates for the The Great Migration🕊️ project, and the PRVArmy community are raging over those who had first dibs over the much anticipated PrivacyCards and a lot more!

Ready for the community highlight for this week? Buckle up and here we goo!

Finally, Privacy Cards are here!

Those who had early registration for PrivacyCards had already received their debit cards and the community are all up for it.

Kaiser shares a photo of his dinner, to which he adds:

Kaiser’s Turkey Dinner

“Chicken will upgrade next month when V2 launch keke 😁”

Where Lee Nic Ho suggests that:

“Use [PRV] debit card and swipe a turkey 🤣🤣🤣”

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With the PrivacyCards already in the hands of those who had first dibs, they can now use their PRV assets to buy and spend whatever they want, even if it is a turkey for dinner! 🤣 The possibilities are now limitless as to where and when they will use their cards with up to 10% rewards! Now some of us envy for those who got it first!

Ykk announced the happy news that she got her PRV card!


LVAL suggests:

“Share with us your experience with the card k”

To which Ykk responds:

“I hvnt really figured out how to use it yet lol. Waiting for instructions from the team hahahahhahahahhahahahaha”

In response to the still-manual way of loading at the backend, LVAL adds:

“Excited for that to be up! But the fact that the cards are received, this should give some members more confidence that this project is legit right? For me i always trusted that it is. 👍”

BQ also flexes his PRV card:

The excitement is all over the place and we too cant wait to have a hold to these cards!

In other news, Mr. D shares the first draft of the debit card marketing collateral:

Lee Nic Ho approves, saying:

“Sweet, I use it for marketing. It’s awesome! Have quite a few expression of interest already”

Fake Miss P? Be vigilant!

SpeedZy apparently received a DM from Miss P, offering help in resolving an issue:

Fake Miss P’s DM

Good thing he shared the screenshot in the main channel, alerting the admins and confirming that the message came from a fake Miss P.

BQ affirms:


Ykk echoes:


It seems our constant reminder has taught our community, as SpeedZy himself says:

“Yeah… I remember people said so many times… don’t provide the seeds.. private key etc”

Let this be a reminder to the PRVArmy that no one should give their seed phrase or any private keys. The PRV team does not require you to provide such private and sensitive information. These are scams that you may fall into and could wipe out your assets, So be vigilant and always be alert with this fraudulent activities.

The 8th DeFi Class has taken off!

The monthly DeFi class took place on September 22, 2021. Missed the webinar? Do not fret! You can still watch it here!

new to crypto stuff has an interesting question:

“Question, how does having irl credit card linked to prv help with better prices?”

Kaiser offers an answer:

“When you need to stake to get the card, more card holders means more PRV staked. More PRV holders, less circulation, more price increase. That’s how I see it.”

new to crypto stuff follows it up with:

“Arent prv stacked already for pool vault farm?”

To which Kaiser again offers an answer:

“Those PRV can be staked to sell, whereas to use the card you sort of have to hold balance. Like bank balance. These won’t be “sold”.”

BQ offers another perspective:

“You need to understand how to get a card. You need to stake a certain amount of prv for 6months. Which starts at $500 to $18k worth. Those that you provided liquidity for, you can take out anytime and sell.”

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It has been a wonderful week for the PRVArmy and you can feel in their interactions that they are ever excited with the latest happenings over PRV. With The Great Migration🕊️ is fast approaching, the community can’t help but feel excited over the next big steps to be taken as the PrivacyCards are just the beginning!

And that’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned for more!



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