PRV For Your Thoughts: PRVG and PRV2 getting the spotlight!

The spotlight they deserve!

The PRVArmy is all but excited for the upcoming The Great Migration🕊️ project, making noise about the much anticipated PRV2 and PRVG!

Buckle up as we look back on the community highlights for this week! Lezzgo!

…which Token to Use?

There has been a quick question with regards to the utility of the tokens. As we know already, the PRV will be split into two tokens, PRV2 and PRVG. What are the difference?

PRV Admin 2 clarifies:

PRVG will be for the privacy cards. PRV2 will be for high apr farms, games and 5% transfer tax will be shared with PRVG holders.

Basically. PRV1 will become obsolete. You will have PRVG and PRV2. PRVG works as the governance token, while PRV2 works as the token for higher farms. 5% of transactions tax of PRV2 will be split to PRVG holders in their pool. More details and the ratio will be announced once we have finalised everything on our end.

With that, BQ asks for clarification:

“Why stake a governance coin for cards and not the utility? 🤔 is there emission for prvg also?”

To which PRV Admin 2 responds:

“Yes there will be. More details on the tokenomics and the swap ratio will be released once we’ve finalised things on our end.”

However, Anon3591 remembers it differently:

Anon3591 remembers that PRV Admin had a different statement before regarding staking:

I want to make it clear, PRV Admin 2, that this is different from what @PRVAdmin said in his past announcement, so I’d appreciate his clarification. I’ll even copy and past what he originally said for you to consider:

“8) Across ALL layers, we will be using PRV2 as the currency of choice for utility. Want to stake for a card? PRV2. Want to load your card? PRV2. PRVG is strictly your share of ownership of the whole farm and its fees earned.”

Thankfully, PRV Admin popped in to clarify:

Yes I am aware of this. So we will be providing updates tomorrow to clear the air. As mentioned before as well, tokenomics as well as finalities are still in the process of getting settled. So we may change things a little bit but not without careful thought and explaining. Please hang tight. Will provide an update tomorrow. 😊

To which BQ has a realization:

Actually now to think of it, it also makes sense to focus on prvg. Prv2 will become a coin for degens, prvg will prosper with the utility of cards and earnings from the pool and farm, transfer tax. In that case in the future mixer and hackernet will use prvg too I believe. Anyway prv users now will receive both. Now wait for the full update. Haha

Ykk adds to it:

ya im sure the team has put alot of thought into things so we just wait for the update hahahahahhaha

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Cky-Never DM shares a meme!

It really is something to be proud of! Buy and hodl to the moon!

…oh no, will it matter if the price will go up or down before the swap?

RWC2030 posts a question:

I am wondering if the price will go up or down before the swap? If goes down before swap. We get little of V2. I hope the team will peg to a better price for our time spend here. Compare to public sale holders :)

Hmmmm. That was actually a great question for the PRV team!

BQ shares his 2 cents:

“I don’t think it matters if the price is low or high before the swap, you will get an equivalent amount of value during the swap.

It’s more about the marketing efforts before and after the swap to make PRV be adopted by the masses to do well. I think the team is confident in this, from what I see so far.”

Vaselinex was also quick to add to the discussion:

“Think about it this way. The moment they open to public sales you are already earning. No way anybody will be able to buy it at the pegged price because of the price impact.

It’s the way they set it up. Don’t have to hope. Haha. For example. If v1 is $6 and v2 pegged is $2 you’ll get 3 v2 tokens. Now when they launch at $2 nobody would be able to get it at that value cos of price impact. I’m sure you’ve participated in other token launches so you should know what I mean. And works vice versa.”

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It has been a fruitful week for the PRVArmy. Questions regarding the new and improved upcoming tokens brought by the The Great Migration🕊️ has been the topic non-stop, gaining traction and excitement as its official release is getting near.

The community is ever excited for this monumental event for the PRV and its future endeavors, paving the way for a stronger and bolder community ahead.

And that’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned for more!



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