PRV For Your Thoughts: NFT craze, on!

5 min readNov 22, 2021
PrivacySwap’s NFTs are here!

The Great Migration is up and running, but a bunch of great stuff is yet to be unleashed! The NFT sale and the native farms and pools are live, and the PRVArmy can already participate and earn rewards, which can be boosted up to 50% upon staking their NFTs! Woohoo!

It’s been a great week for the PRV Team and the PRV Army, although there were humps experienced along the way and delays encountered. The delays were necessary as the PRVTeam wants to make sure that upon the release of the projects, all will be smooth as possible. Rest assured, the Team is working hard to fix things in the backend while aggressively pushing marketing efforts to hype the second layer of PrivacySwap.
Ready for this week’s community highlights? Let’s go!

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The NFT craze!

The PRVArmy stayed up in the wee hours of November 14 in anticipation of the opening of the NFT sale. The channel was naturally flooded with questions from the community.

J asked:

Is there a way for us to see that the nft is in our metamask wallet? That’s one of my bigger concern.

To which PRVAdmin replied:

BscScan, usually. As of now, our NFTs are not yet listed on any marketplaces. But if you want to view your NFTs, it would either be on BscScan or MetaMask Mobile only.

Good news too, as the NFT prices have been revised and lowered, as announced here.

Hey guys. As promised, we have revised our NFT prices!
Updated NFT Prices:
Silver — 0.18 BNB
Gold — 0.38 BNB
Diamond — 0.80 BNB

This got the community even more excited! Shizun Wong exclaims:

Yayy! Is the link ready?

RT echoes the sentiment:

Nice! It’s actually more discount than I expected. Can’t wait for the mint later. Yesterday sold out in 3mins. I hope tonight will have chance to mint a few before it’s gone.

Knowing more about NFTs

Want to learn more regarding NFT? We got you covered! Be sure to read up on our article regarding NFTs here. We discussed what are NFTs, how can you earn from it, and its evolution over time.

When the NFT sale went live, here’s what David has to say about the dashboard:

Nice counter

Regarding the minting of NFTs, PRVAdmin advises:

There are some people who have faced issues with minting NFTs with hardware wallets. We don’t generally recommend using hardware wallets to mint. What we will suggest is minting on a separate wallet and then transferring the NFT to your other address.

PRVAdmin further created a raw guide regarding the NFTs here.

Max M shares his thoughts on why the Diamond NFT is a great investment:

Actually the PrivacySwap Diamond NFT is a great investment because:
1) it gives instant boost of additional 50% APR to your staking.
2) it provides a buffet against impermanent loss.
3) it creates an attractive income stream from an otherwise comparatively lower APR yield for the PrivacySwap Debit Card staking and also the staking PrivacySwap Referral System.
4) it can be used for yet to-be-announced initiatives for PrivacySwap NFTs in future.
5) it can be used as a great tool to attract suitable partners to our PrivacySwap DeFi Yield Farming Project — after all, where can they get any bank to pay them 50% per annum interests on their money.
All the above would have made the little investment on PrivacySwap’s Diamond NFT all the more worthwhile.

Bristly Whiskers echoes the sentiment:

well diamond makes most sense economically. lets say you bought just now, when bnb is $640 USD. at 0.8 BNB its ~$515 for the NFT
it provides 50% boost in APR. estimate just under 1% per week (52 weeks in a year)
if you stake $1,000 worth of LP, you get $10 extra per week. that means you will make your investment back on week 51 (12 month).
if you stake $2,000 worth of LP, you get $20 extra per week. that means you make your investment back on week 25 (6 month)
$3000 = $30 / wk, investment matched on week 17 (4 month) etc. so if you boost a lot, lets say $10k, you will get your investment in a month and a half (5 week)
***all of this not including normal APR gains, AND the NFT can be used for next layer prv3

Second Phase of Swapping, delayed.

The second phase of swapping was a bit delayed, and PRVAdmin sent a long update on this. The announcement can be found here..

On another note, PRVAdmin expresses his thank to the ever kind and supporting community volunteers for helping out in answering questions:
I am really appreciative of all our supporters and really awesome community who has helped one another. Honestly, I don’t say it enough, but thank you all
He goes on to say:

Actually. ACTUALLY. I don’t know if it’s just me filtering them out or something subconsciously, but fortunately, I personally have not encountered naysayers or keyboard warriors. For some reason, we have been lucky in that our community is filled with really, really nice people.

A wager!

The community is ever responsive to the telegram, and there’s even a wager put up. RT puts up a wager that:

I think we’ve all been in this community from when it’s less than 500 members. Although I’m guilty of disappearing for a while. But am now back.
I bought quite a few NFTs and have been supportive of this project as it’s supported me. Let me put it out here to the community as a promise. If PRV2 gets above $50 again, I will give away 2 of the NFTS. Regardless of the price it will be then 🙊

So it’s only a matter of time for PRV2 to get above the price of $50 and 2 members from the PRVArmy will be lucky to receive 2 NFTs, regardless of its future price! We will remember this, RT!

November 15, 2021, AMA sessions and Fraudulent PrivacySwap Telegram

Missed the AMA session? No need to worry! You can still watch it here.

Moreover, on November 16, 2021, it was reported that there was a scam PrivacySwap Telegram group that was inviting members around. PrivacySwap Team reminded everyone that there is only one PrivacySwap group, and it is via

Also, the community was reminded in PRVAdmin’s announcement that legit platforms like PrivacySwap would never ask anyone to validate their wallet using some unknown site. Also, No matter how convincing it may be, never do it as there isn’t any need to validate their wallet.

The second phase of swapping kicks off

The second phase of swapping is now live. The PRVArmy was advised to swap their PRVs into PRV2 and PRVG for them not to miss the rewards and benefits. The announcement by the PRV Team can be found here.

So don’t miss this opportunity, Swap your PRV into PRVG and PRV2 now! If you have any problems regarding the swapping, you can easily ask the Team in the community telegram, and we will immediately respond to it.

And that’s a wrap for PRV For Your Thoughts. Tune in for the next! See you all next week!

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