PRV For Your Thoughts: More time to buy PRV! Woohoo!

5 min readNov 6, 2021
The Great Migration is postponed! This means more time to buy PRV before the pegging! Woohoo!

The Great Migration is postponed! We all know what this means, it’s another opportunity to buy more PRV before the pegging! We all know too well that it’s better to have more PRV before the swapping as there will be a price pegging ratio of 1:1.1, this means when you have $10,000 worth of PRV before THE day, you’ll have $10,100 worth of (pre) PRV2 and (pre) PRVG! That’s a $100 automatic increase in your portfolio by just participating in the swapping period! Whohoo!

This week, a lot has happened to PRV and the PRV Army, and we are here to tell you more about it! Ready for this week’s community highlights? Here we go!

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The Great Migration has been delayed for a week!

This is an excellent opportunity for PRVArmy as there will be more time to buy more PRV. With this, they will no longer participate in the presale, which only has a limited supply available for the public. Also, during the presale, each account shall be capped with 5000 BUSD, but when they buy more PRV now, that limitation will not be applicable. The more PRV they hodl now, the more PRV2 and PRVG will be allotted for them.

PRVAdmin released a long announcement detailing the rationale for delaying the great migration by a week.

Reaction from the community was swift, and overall positive, beginning with BQ:

Ok! One more week for me to farm. Remember to do up the graphics on the timeline. Easier to see than a chunk of words

Raj is just happy that the project is still around:

Wow I left this coin months ago when I got rekt by the btc dump in May, I’m happy to see you guys still working on it though

Shizun Wong echoes the sentiment:

Yay! More time to farm more PRV!

Cky-Never DM for BNB has this to say:

One more week to farm PRV ♥️ Even though I can’t wait for the PRV2 farm to launch haha

Tazz (Ritesh) feels the same way:

Ohhh so swap is going to be a week late and we can do it November 8th now and not today, that’s cool with me. Another week to harvest more prv. I can wait an extra week, that benefits us more anyways.

Tze Ann Lau has a question regarding the presale:

What is capped at $5000 per transaction, can i buy 10 times of $5000 for 30,000APR?

PRVAdmin clarifies:

The BUSD presale for PRV2 + PRVG is capped at 5,000 BUSD per transaction. This means that if you wish to partake in the presale with BUSD instead of getting PRV now and swapping over, you can buy 5,000 BUSD worth of PRV2 + PRVG per transaction when the BUSD presale begins. There is no cap on the number of transactions you can make, but each transaction max is 5,000 BUSD worth.

Hahabear has a question regarding the tax:

Sorry the question is why is there tax. 8% omg

PRAdmin is quick to reply:

Sales tax only. To incentivize people to hold, of course.

Gabriel has a follow up question:

Isn’t it too much? considering the funds don’t leave the project.

PRVAdmin is happy to clarify:

It is used to funnel back to hodlers of PRVG. Essentially we are incentivizing people to hodl. Yes, it may sound high. $8 for every $100 worth of tokens you sell. But a majority of that in turn, goes back to PRVG hodlers and stakers.
We will be releasing a full schedule of taxes, fees, etc, later today. So do keep a look out for that. We are open to suggestions as we always are. But essentially the taxes are not to punish as they are more of a reason for users to hodl.

November 2, 2021 AMA sessions

Missed the AMA session? No need to worry! You can still watch it here.

Andrew, from BSC News, asked an interesting question:

Since our last AMA, there was a large drop in token price to almost $2, what motivated you guys to keep building through this?

PRVAdmin gave a lengthy response:

“Ah this is a question I enjoy talking about. I think price drops are very, very, very common occurrences in farm settings. Of course, we’d much prefer our price to be high — who wouldn’t? We want our users to prosper too. We also want to make sure that we are sustainable. I have to say, despite a drop to $2, we are not at ~$8. We have gone through A LOT. I have to credit our team’s treasury, and team as a collective. When the going got tough, we literally decided to stop selling ANY of our dev rewards. We didn’t want to add to that sell pressure because we understood that we’d be hurting ourselves. PrivacySwap was never meant to be a short term endeavor, and we made sure we gave it our all.”

“We kept building not only because it is out passion, but one of the main reasons is that we are always answerable to our community. At no point were we ever going to say, “Hey, let’s just stop.”. We wouldn’t do that and let our community down. We haven’t released our HackerNet, we haven’t released governance, we haven’t even gone into our next step — building our DEX.
Determination and the absolution of not giving up. We need to keep going, so we did.”

FM’s Table madness!

FM’s sample computation has been pretty useful and has been shared around a lot, that he he quipped:

I should mint my table into and NFT and collect 1 prv for each reference to it 😆

FM’s Table

Crypto Investing x PrivacySwap

As time goes by, more and more people are noticing PRV through collaborations with YouTubers made possible by the PRV Team. PrivacySwap was mentioned in-depth by Crypto Investing his channel, and you can watch it here (timestamp at 3:11).

Crypto Investing x PrivacySwap

And that’s a wrap for PRV For Your Thoughts. Tune in for the next! See you all next week!

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