PRV For Your Thoughts: “More is Coming. Much More is Coming.” — PRV Admin

6 min readJul 31, 2021
A solid game plan, strong utility, and robust community: you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

It’s a whirlwind of emotions as the PRVArmy powers through last week’s price flux. Closing at $4.51 at the time of writing, PRV experiences hits its all-time low, but is definitely ready to bounce back stronger!

For a transcript of the market price, you may check out last Thursday’s PRV Token Weekly Recap. More importantly, how does an awesome community respond to this kind of setback? Well, let’s take a look at this week’s highlights from the PRV Telegram channel!

Diamond Hands Doctrine

At the midst of this week’s price dip, the PRV core believers continue to urge the community to hold. This is indicative of how resilient the PrivacySwap ecosystem is. Couple this with our strong utility, and you have yourself an assurance that everything is under control.

But don’t get us wrong, we also acknowledge that there are some who are of tender heart who see this dip as a signal to sell. But as @Whaleboy puts it;

“Come on people, just hold your horses. Selling now is silly. Average your positions down. Take this chance. We are one community that fiercely believes in what’s coming and that would take everyone on a ride upward.”

@Whaleboy addressed those stakers who easily sell, or as the PRVArmy calls them, “paper hands.” But for people who truly believe that the dip is certainly part of crypto, this price drop is nothing but an opportunity to buy or hodl. They are what the community calls, “diamond hands.” Perhaps @John’s alternative way of explaining it is better:

Others were also quick to give the PRV core team a bit of encouragement! @Iron Man says;

“Don’t worry, PRV is a good project. The price will go up again, just be patient. The PRV Team is doing a good job.”

@Isaac adds;

“The team is doing a GREAT JOB. We all have to support the coin by buying PRV and turning other folks onto this great TEAM.”

So what’s the GrEaT TeAm exactly doing? Here’s how @Miss P on behalf of the core team puts it;

The Game Plan

“The devs are working hard and fast to push out the debit cards and the mixer soon after that. Meanwhile, we are working on features to attract more users in the space: adding more higher risk, higher APY vaults, and kick starting the PrivacyGames. Marketing-wise, are also ramping up on the efforts”, @Miss P summarizes @PRVAdmin’s lengthy weekly update.

Now, where are we on these improvements? @PRVAdmin has intimated that our team is continuing its focus on PrivacySwap’s core features that we believe is of utmost importance for us to further establish ourselves as a stable and efficient farm. As what we had been doing for the past couple of weeks.

“The concept and the utility is something we have come to learn is definitely there. I mean, we have a nice community and we were doing all right for a while while other farms were dropping like flies. Then again, we craft and tweak our strategy and products in accordance to our community feedback.” @PRVAdmin’s response to @Papa Panda’s 2-cent sharing of a project of his own.

Since we understand how everyone is really looking forward to utility, (especially @kai and @BQ) we are pumping the gas on two of our biggest projects for the PRVArmy; PrivacyCards and PrivacyGames.

PrivacyCard Early Access

The team identifies the need to be quicker with the launch of the PrivacyCard. Although we wish we could present it to the community in its final form, unfortunately, time is not always kind.

That being said, since we already have our cards on hand (and are just building the backend for it), we would be extending an Early Access offer to you!

Moreover, this initial offering is tied up with an event that will give you the rare opportunity to have Black Premium cards for FREE! Yup, you read it right.

So as not to spoil the fun, we would be announcing the whole mechanics this week. We are doing this for everyone who have been really on the edge of their seats waiting for PrivacyCard’s official release, especially @Ykk and her weird dream;

“I dreamt that we were in a PRV party, then everyone was wearing masks coz obviously I can’t go imagine how everyone looks like and I don’t know how everyone looks like. And we were on this skyscraper, and paying drinks with the PRV cards.”

@freakdomk seems to be ahead of the game as well. He suggests a pitch that our marketing team would definitely look into;

“When the card is out, maybe have a contest. Like most used card, best video, lucky card, random card used for lucky draw. If many card holders shoot videos of how they use the card and why, etc., may help to get more people to apply for the card. It may help price support.”

Brace yourselves, this just the beginning

We believe that the launch of the cards would be paramount in pulling the PRV price up. We can’t thank you enough for being patient and supportive of this feature, from its initial pitch up to the point we are at now. We are literally about two weeks away from some of our PRVArmy receiving Early Access PrivacyCards!

As likewise shared by @PRVAdmin, this is just one of the fun features we have in store for you; we still have the PrivacyMixer and the more fast-tracked project, PrivacyGames.

This week, we will be announcing the launch of Hack The Vault, a game to test your best strategy and luck. Be sure to follow our social media accounts for more updates on this. You wouldn’t want to be the last in the race, would you?

Finally, as promised, there are also FOUR new single asset Vaults opened; beltBTC, beltBNB, beltETH, and BUNNY. But more on this in next week’s marketing updates: This Week On PRV (Monday).

To reiterate @PRVAdmin’s message on Telegram, “more is coming. Much more is coming.” And as soon as these projects materialize, you would see that this market dip is nothing but a hiccup in the long run. With a solid plan on utility coupled with the PRVArmy who supports the project through its ups and downs, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So don’t waste sleepless nights worrying about the market flux, instead use this opportunity to purchase PRV tokens at lower price or hodl your investments by simply sleeping off the fuzz.

And while we’re at it, let’s end this week’s episode with @Benjamin’s banter when @PRVAdmin woke up to a good news;

@PRV Admin: Wow. “Woke up to much awesome. Thank you, whoever contributed to both BTC and PRV” (26-Jul)

@Benjamin Isaiah Tan: “If good was happening while u were asleep, do us all a favour pls.. go back to ur room, on aircon, off light, close curtain, and go sleep, thank you!”




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