PRV For Your Thoughts: It’s Raining Lucky Key Holders and Card Holders

6 min readAug 14, 2021


“We care about our community, our people.” -PRVAdmin

It felt like K-drama (Korean drama) infiltrated our PRV Telegram Channel this week, as the classic elements comprising the genre are present. But before we delve into these, here’s the PRV Telegram landscape this week, at a glance:

  • PRVAdmin released his weekly update, which you can find here
  • We held our State of the PRV Address on Clubhouse (with transcript pending)
  • We’ve selected the PrivacyCards early access winners
  • We kicked off Hack the Vault’s official launch, with the first round ending with a really decent prize pot! 🥳

With highlights done, let’s take a look at the Telegram community happenings this week, through the POV of K-drama elements.

But first, the “kimchi slap”, a K-drama element in some hardcore makjang

Conspiracy theories — birth secrets, rigged competitions

One user on Telegram planted the notion that perhaps PrivacySwap has not just one but two sister companies (egad!). This was promptly refuted by PRVAdmin:

In all honesty, we don’t have some sort of sister company. We are standalone. We don’t control what other projects try to do, so we cannot speak for any of them. Also, am unsure what other project you are referring to. Although if you feel that we rekt, I will say that we don’t like price to be as such. We are looking at price to be high, and whatever we do is meant to help with that. We do not guarantee anything simply because we cannot.

Another user insinuated that Hack the Vault is rigged by the developers, despite not being able to show proof of his claims. In response to his request for transparency, PRVAdmin had this to say:

By the way. You can actually transparently see the winners and what they win on BscScan. Feel free.

Also. Even if devs can play, that’s a good thing. We play with the exact same rules as you. We can’t rig it because no matter what, there is a minimum timer hardcoded into the smart contracts. So yeah. Just for transparency sake!

There you go, clear as day. And by the way, you can still play the game if you haven’t yet! Follow this link to get started:

Some mush and fluff — Like Fluffy might be a dog (gasp!)

By now, you would’ve already virtually met Ykk, the lovely admin-not-admin, and her gorgeous cat Fluffy. Well, recently she confessed that her cat might be a dog, because:

He responds to commands pretty well. If I tell him it’s time for dinner or lunch or nap time, he will stop whatever he’s doing and walk up the stairs with me to my room. So far he does tricks like paw, another paw, sit, stand and down.

Speaking of fluff, allow me to share this sweet line from PRVAdmin’s during our Clubhouse session:

Without our community, we are nothing.

(Source: GIF Tenor)

Pretend rivalry — all in the name of Hack the Vault

In the days leading up to Hack the Vault’s official launch, the community is clearly building hype to start the game! 💪

For Benjamin Isaiah Tan, it’s all about learning and strategizing, because:

[I] cannot lose to Ykk.

To which Ykk counters with:

Can you go away hahaha you make my chance of winning lesser for what?

We knew the first round of the launch game will be intense, given that the PRV team preloaded the pot with 500 PRV. But man, that was waaay intense! Finally, after over 5 hours of ‘hacking’, the 3 winners emerged.

Congratulations to the lu-key winners!

That annoying side character

Any Korean drama would not be complete without those annoying side characters. Well, we do have one on Telegram, who goes by the different permutations of RC + a number.

We all echo Ykk’s sentiment:

Omg this guy is annoying lol

Even PRVAdmin has to admit that this user is:

Persistent. I already banned all of them.

Annoying incidents notwithstanding, PrivacySwap will continue to march forward with our objectives.

The drama — ouch! That PRV dip

Yes, we all felt that trembling when PRV touched $2-ish in the middle of the week.

Alfred couldn’t help but ask:

What happened? Suddenly drop so much within few hours?

Even PRVAdmin, who is not very fond of using emojis, had to use one when he said:

Exactly the face when I see the price: 😥

However, he goes on to assure everyone:

But nonetheless. We are closing and selecting our beta launch batch of cards today. And we are also expecting our vaults to increase in selection this week.

We are grateful to our proactive members in the community who are diamond hands, believers of the long-term viability of the project. This hodling concept is explained succinctly in the visual below, as shared by Lee Nic Ho.

This is why we HODL

Despite the challenges, awesome people abound

We never get tired of saying how much we appreciate the PRV community for their love which makes all the backend hustling all worth it.

One of them, qkleberUK, shares a great suggestion:

Privacy Swap is a good project. Good fundamentals. I have done my due diligence research, but I am not sure why the price keeps on dropping. Please admin, create videos letting people know that privacy in trading is the future of DeFi. Give examples of what Privacy Swap is all about.

We hear you, qkleberUK!

Ykk also shares her thoughts:

I think for a lot of DeFi projects, people are also really into pump and dump , and just quick gains…I’m guessing the time will come for PRV, especially when people who appreciate stable growth projects with good fundamentals, finds us.

I’m sure the launch of the debit card will be good.

Because regardless of situation, there is always a product PRV can market , which is the cards and it will always be useful for anyone in the crypto scene.

We are also thrilled to see some new people coming in, such as galix who shared that he’s investing because:

Hi, I want to support the project … I want to help with reversing the downtrend of the market cap.

Speaking of awesome people, welcome back, Kaiser!

Finally, some good things

Green candles, sparks of life. Yes, we suffered a dip. But the streaks of green that we saw this week also indicate the palpitations of life. We are going to bounce back very soon!

We are pressed but never crushed.| 14 August

PrivacyCards early access winners! There may have been some delays, but a promise is a promise. And as many of you know by now, the PrivacySwap team have carried out their deliverables as stated.

Durian on Clubhouse! While we didn’t really get to taste the durian, we did get to spend a meaningful time with the community to tackle the latest updates, deliverables, community suggestions, and everything in between. We love you … more than the durian.

Thanks for making us drool, Kaiser.

P.S. We love you, our dearest community. ❤️❤️❤️




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