PRV For Your Thoughts: How great it is to be part of the PRVArmy!

The Great Migration is near, and the PRVArmy is up for it!

A few more nights and the highly anticipated Great Migration will be finally here! The PRV Team is busy as a bee preparing everything until THE day comes, and we are incredibly excited about what lies ahead. The pegging, the splitting of PRV into PRVG and PRV2, the new projects to be launched, ohhhh how great it is to be part of the PRVArmy!

Can’t wait for the latest news and ever engaging community highlights for this week? Well, here we go!

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Can’t wait for NFTs and PrivacyCards? Us too!

People are excited about the NFTs and the Privacy cards to release already, like Neymar, who asked:

“Hi, can someone explain more on NFTs? [Can] cards be applied already?”

Max Moi helpfully responded:

“Looks like everyone is taking a Sunday break and waiting for the Announcement for our Great Migration on Monday night. By then, the price will shoot up even faster! If you want to buy, best to buy-in now.”

Us too are excited for the NFTs and the PrivacyCards to launch officially. But for now, the limelight goes to the Great Migration as it is a game changer for the PrivacySwap ecosystem. Also, PrivacyCards uses PRVG token, the givernance token of PrivacySwap. Thus, without first the pegging, there will be no PrivacyCards yet.

The Great Migration AMA on October 18

The PRVTeam had conducted a successful AMA session on October 18, 2021, informing everyone of PRV’s plan and the technicalities on the PRV to PRV2 and PRVG pegging. The community was ever engaging with their questions, and we are glad that they do, which means they are willing to know more about PRV and its future!

Not able to attend the AMA session? Not to worry! The live stream was recorded and can be viewed on YouTube, here!

PR article on Cointelegraph

On another note, as PrivacySwap advances towards a better ecosystem, the platform’s fund has raised $1 million. Woohoo! This fund is managed by a Wall Street veteran’s family office. This strategy is also intended to bring crypto cards and associated PrivacySwap Oracle into the decentralized finance (DeFi) Space. Furthermore, this investment propels PrivacySwap’s Web 3.0 wallet Oracle to support more existing crypto and traditional cards into the DeFi Space. To learn more, you can read more here.

Simon Chia shared PRV’s green candle:

BQ responds:

“Hope we get on the top gainers on coinmarket cap for 1 week soon. Free marketing. The PR article on Cointelegraph also came out. Link here.”

Max Moi and Anon have a question regarding the $1M funding that PrivacySwap received:

“Does the current price include the US$1m that is invested in our project already? If the current price does not account for this in-coming US$1m, we should then expect a shoot-up in our PRV price very soon.”

To which the PRV team’s response is:

“It’s mixed. We can’t disclose the ratio though. They are also continuously buying every day :) For PRV tokens as they have a huge network of supporters.”

Jun started a discussion regarding the PRVG token:

“How to get prvg? If stake prvg get prv2. Also does dex means a prv making platform?”

Bristly Whiskers responds:

“Dex means decentralized exchange.

PrvG available in a couple ways, first via transfer prv into PrvG and prv2. Second is PrvG presale. Third is open market purchase once liquidity is added (Nov 7 I think?)”

JW chimes in:

“I think they did say once u have prvg and stake it u can also earn prv2”

BQ adds to the discussion:

“Anyway prvg will be very precious and valuable. As it will be used to stake for the cards, low emissions, fixed supply forever, earn from everything the platform does in the future.”

David D expresses his excitement about the project:

“Super impressed with this project all around, way to keep grinding!”

There was a slight dip in the PRV token price, but Max Moi has this to say:

“These speculative short term players are neither interested in the value proposition of our PrivacySwap DeFi Project nor are they interested in where the price is eventually heading.

They would prefer to take a quick profit now and miss the whole boat. This is great for those who are coming in and those who are topping-up.”

freakdomk wonders why the PRV token price hasn’t gone up after the $1M investment:

“sadly..after the ama..and 1m investment. I thought the price would just go all the way up..haha. Sadly wrong”

Ykk offers a response:

“lol one thing i learn is don’t guess the price, can never be right, but the project and team is always delivering. That is what matters more. And plus, if you look at the chart, we’ve had so many days of green candlestick”

The AMA session is back, yet again!

Another AMA session will be conducted on October 25, 2021 at 9:30 PM (GMT+8), which can be viewed here. For sure, it will also be a productive session just like the last time! See you there PRVArmy!

Tune in for the next PRV For Your Thoughts! See you all next week!

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