PRV For Your Thoughts: How fun it is to be part of the PRV Community!

3 min readOct 3, 2021


How fun it is to be part of the PRV Community!

The Great Migration is right around the corner and the PRV Team are round-the-clock working all the necessary preparations to ensure THE day will be perfect! Over the week, the PRVArmy are engaged as the time ticks faster for THE day and we can’t blame them! This makes us think deeply, how fun it really is to be part of an ever engaged and energetic PRV Community!

Can’t wait for the latest news and highlights for this week? Well, let’s go!

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Market Correction no more! To the Moon!

Those who bought the dip last week surely had the great start of the week as PRV soared from last week’s $2.80 USD to $3.61 USD. PRV closed the week with a 15.8% increase! Woohoo!

Kaiser shares this cute photo of a chart:

And it dino-SOARS!!!!!

Missed the ride? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The PRV team is bending over backwards just to provide services for the PRV hodlers to grow their money. So this is actually the right time to buy and hodl PRV as this is just the beginning! A start of something exciting for the whole PRV Community!

PrivacyCard ready!

The early recipients of our PrivacyCards are now trying their cards, and it works! Of course 😉

Pj asks:

“Please share it to us how the cards works. 😁”

To which BQ responds:

“Ok, just received the email on how to load. Give me some time, maybe I will create a new metamask wallet for the card loading. Will decide later in the afternoon.”

And finally, BQ, one of the early access recipients, shares his own PRV debit card “proof of life” here, to which he adds:

“Ok I sucks at taking video. But I just used the card”

CL teases him:

“not swipe for lambo downpayment?”

Binance restrictions on Singapore: Nothing to worry!

Binance announced on September 25, 2021 that starting October 26, 2021, Binance users in Singapore will no longer be able to access fiat deposit services or spot trading of crypto, buy crypto through fiat channels or liquid swap (“Regulated Payments Services”).

Benjamin shared Binance’s article and asked:

“Will this greatly affect us?”

BQ gives his two cents:

“ cannot use, just use or other platforms lo”

Kaiser chimes in:

“ don’t have the same features as, or at least that’s the last I know”

BQ continues:

“It wouldn’t affect prv, but if you’re saying us as Singaporeans then maybe you may to need to find alternatives on the services you’re using on”

Raphael also asks:

“Staking how? Must withdraw? I didn’t register with Binance.Sg”

To which Kaiser responds with:

“if u hodler, then i guess u can leave it, but for safety can withdraw ba”

Joe opines:

“looks like singapore folks will need to do a “binance great migration” before the “prv great migration”. 😅”

We are the PRVArmy! We are a proud community.

“How fun it is to be part of the PRV community, because it’s also a place where people share random information with each other.”

Pat asks a non-PRV related question:

“Hey sorry out of topic, but does anyone fr SG know if Paperclip is still open? Along MacTaggart Rd”

And when Ykk responds with a laughing emoji, Pat continues with:

“Why u laugh at me 😔😛”

Ykk clarifies what she meant by the emoji:

“I’m not. I’m just impressed with how we are getting information from one another these days. I love it haha”

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C N shares this meme to describe his feeling after paying ETH gas fee:




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