PRV For Your Thoughts: Flex your PrivacyCards!

Flex your PrivacyCards!

The Great Migration is getting near and we can’t wait any further for the surprises we have in store for you! The PRV Team can assure you, all will be smooth when THE day comes!

We can’t tell you all that we’re working yet, but what we can tell is that our developers are working hard, bending over backwards for these past few weeks, making sure to deliver the best services to date! We’re sure that the PRV Community will make noise when The Great Migration is finally here!

Are you ready for the latest news and highlights for this week? Lezzgo!

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Flex it Felix!

The community is raging over the new flexes of PrivacyCards and we are here for it!

BQ flexes his PRV debit card purchase:

Although he complains:

30mins queue in Singapore

Adrian asks:

Nice anot? I planning to go try

Ykk thinks:

Looks damn good

BQ flexes yet again using his PRV debit card for another transaction:

Joe is curious:

Exchange rate good?

BQ responds:

I’ve got no idea my balance yet. Current system is manual. Just sent a email to check. Will know tomorrow

Joe wants to clarify:

Err Email to whom? The bank or PRV team?

BQ says:

PRV team. But I hope the auto loading system that’s coming will have this feature, or a wallet feature.

The Bot Shillers Issue

There were too many non-PRV shillings going on from different bots, so the community had a proposal:

Benjamin starts it with:

@missp_prv why not implement community vote to kick people den we can do that when such things come n admin not ard

BQ agrees to it:

Yes, a good idea. Like the SG DeFi

Kaiser has another proposal on how to curb bot shillings too:

Can vote for Ykk to get promoted? Easier for community management as well.

Ykk doesn’t seem sold on the idea, though:

Waseh Dunwan got a lot of admin d. But once migration is fixed and done, I’m guessing the admins will be way more active again.

We thank the PRVArmy for the understanding while many of the core team members are radio silent on Telegram. They are working really hard to bring The Great Migration to fruition! Nonetheless, we will have a look at how to deal best with the bots.

We are looking forward to THE date to come and we are excited for the PRVArmy to try the services we have in store for them.

AMA on Clubhouse postponement

AMA on Clubhouse was postponed as the core team had a last-minute crucial meeting with another project for cross collaboration opportunity. It was supposed to be scheduled on October 06, 2021 but for now, the new schedule is to be announced.

We hope to see the whole PRVArmy in the upcoming AMA session and we can’t wait to be there with them!

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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Be a part of PrivacySwap, be a part of a better DeFi.

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