PRV For Your Thoughts: First of All, Don’t Answer DMs

The community that hodls together, prospers together


Welcome to the first of what will become our Saturday staple! We’ve always been vocal about our love and appreciation for the PRVArmy, and how much they value-add to the growth of the ecosystem. So, what better way to celebrate everyone — plus entice more to join — than by curating the highlights of our weekly interactions at Telegram!

This week in PRV for your thoughts …


We would like to reiterate that users must never entertain DMs from anyone, even from those claiming to be channel admins! As our DeFi project grows, scammers are bound to exploit the community. Ask your questions on the main channel and our wonderful admins and community moderators will be happy to help you!

Speaking of which, there was a discussion on accumulated PRV rewards and BQ has this to say:

Imagine 1.3m TVL with an average of 0.4% profit daily. $5200, 5% of it is $260 which mostly comes from your PRV now. Redistributed back to you. You see your amount deposited as a percentage of the total deposited in PRV, is the percentage of it you get. It’s not something extra now, it just makes the performance fees less costly now in my opinion. Which gives a slight advantage in vault than pool now. It will be better if other assets in the vaults get more deposits.

To which, Ykk | PrivacySwap agrees:

Yea, IL is a bitch hahaha

LVAL is optimistic, too!

I have a feeling PRV is going to shoot up in price soon :) So I want to hold as many PRVs as I can.

Someone also clarified about transfer tax of PRV, because there are DeFi projects that implement this.

KOP1 responded by stating what makes PRV different from others:

There is none of those here, just the gas fees. PRV is not like that.

kai adds:

So there won’t be a chance of f*cking up the tax % and “soft rugging”

Yes, the community is awesome, as Cryptologic attested when he received the answers he needed:

Thanks, I was reading the pinned announcement and couldn’t get the answers. You guys are awesome for the explanation.

kai’s response:

No worries. Happy to help. Same for the rest of the community members. Any problems just forward it here and there are a lot of members that can help you.


Ykk | PrivacySwap expounds on why smart contracts can’t be exploited by the core team:

Think of it like a master chef (the cooking show) challenge. Like before the competition, you need to decide which “ingredients “ you wanna use to cook, once you decided then you cannot change your ingredient but can only change, say, the amount you use to make the dish. But then with the timelock in place if you wanna change the amount, then it will take 24h, and also will notify the community if you subscribe to the alert.

KOP1 ruminates about PRV:

PRV is like a 9–5 job — boring but pays the bills. Then once or twice (or more) a year, you go on a holiday travel to other networks or memeyland … during that time, exciting but no sleep, costs a lot of money… Then back to 9–5 to farm back to go holiday again.


When PRV Admin gave a summary instead of his usual long essay announcements, the initial reaction from the community wasn’t that good. The concerns were all valid. And this is why we love this community so much! The raw discussions. The honest feedback. The back-and-forth until major concerns are addressed.

Don, for instance, asked a great question:

I think the point is how does the new chain benefit PRV investors?

And followed it up with a suggestion:

Here is my recommendation, before u guys fud yourselves more. Just consider the feedback here first. Come back with a more solid plan and explanation. Defending against our questions without a concrete and full explanation of what u guys have in mind is impossible for us to properly assess. Also, I recommend releasing the new chain at the start of the new month, right now, everyone has deployed capital. Wait for the new month and new salaries to come in to buy. If not, people will sell their PRV on BSC to buy on new chain.

PRV Admin clarifies:

BSC is still home. We are not shifting homes.

And yes, we appreciate his long essays now, do we? Speaking which, you may read the comprehensive updates here and here.


PrivacySwap held its first Clubhouse session and we all could agree we had an awesome time despite being new to the app! We look forward to seeing more attendees in the room, both old and new.

To the community members who tirelessly maxed out their invites to rope in as many users as they can, and to those who monitored the questions sent via Telegram, thank you! Yukiko, kai, BQ, and everyone else who showed up!

Grabbed from our Telegram chat. Thank you, kai!

kai remarks after the event:

Thanks for the good session. Very good idea to have clubhouse. Was nice to hear real voices and really communicating with the community.

BQ agrees:

Good clubhouse session, can just ask whatever you want on the spot and get an answer.

Who says being part of a DeFi project’s Telegram community doesn’t have benefits? At the PRV Telegram group, you get your investor-related questions answered (but not via DMs, please!), you meet lots of awesome and knowledgeable people, plus you’re always aligned with the project’s milestones and roadmap.

Join us here if you haven’t yet! Meanwhile, enjoy this catfish photo courtesy of Ykk and inspired by our Clubhouse session, where we got to validate that we were real humans!

The only catfish you would love to have. Credits to Yukiko.

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