PRV For Your Thoughts: Click This If You Witnessed The Surge!

5 min readSep 12, 2021


Surf’s up for last week’s 40% price surge!

The PRVArmy witnessed how PRV ended its bearish season, welcoming last week’s market with an outstanding $3.57 from $2-ish slump!

And while it’s definitely the top highlight, other significant happenings are also worth mentioning on this week’s PRV For Your Thoughts; from the issue of Binance-banning in Malaysia, project audits, and the hype for PRV 2.0!

Still can’t get over this week’s price surge? Don’t worry, we’re just getting started! 😉 But before we charge onwards, let’s take a look back at this week’s community highlights!

BNB for your thoughts

Following the restriction of Binance’s product offerings in Malaysia, our PRVeterans have some thoughts. @YH shares a fix for our troops who are affected by the ban:

“For iOS user: if you want to update or download Binance app, just switch your country in App Store. After the update is completed, switch back to native country.

As long as you’re using Cloudflare ( or Google DNS ( , no VPN is required. If using telco provided DNS, you need to change your DNS setting. I don’t need VPN to access so far.

After the recent MY ban, Binance app prompted to run an update. I had to manually switch country to update the app.”

This issue has been dragging on since early August when Malaysia’s securities commission ordered Binance to halt its operations after a charge for illegal digital asset exchange operations.

While we don’t know the exact number, we know for a fact that we have some pretty high number of PRVates situated in Malaysia. So for you guys, you might wanna give @YH’s suggestion a go! 👌

The surge we’re talking about

Mondays have never been more exciting as the PRVArmy is awakened by a 40% price increase in less than 24 hours! Head over to our Token Recap if you want to relive this moment.

Meanwhile @Lee Nic Ho seems to have prophesied this phenomenon when he shared his thoughts a day before:

“The onli direction for prv is up”

@LVAL is also quick to add:

“When time gets closer to launch of PRV2 i believe no more discounted price anymore”

And things just kept getting better! The price remained bearish for a couple more hours and people started to wonder. 🤔 @BQ offers a reason:

“I think prv has always been undervalued cos of the bearish chart, people had been waiting at the side for something to happen. Now that cards are coming and v2 to restart.

I just want more prvg going into v2”

@LVAL adds to the discussion:

“Probaby people who don’t want to miss the ride to the moon. Since time is closer for cards and v2 so pump earlier. Many waiting to pump closer to the date. But may be too late then. No more discounts. Or not much.”

That’s right! With the arrival of the PrivacyCards, we are expecting- no, anticipating- to see more price bumps and higher surges. As @Whaleboy puts it:

“Actually with the [PRV] card, it will be as good as having a walking p2p”

As seconded by @Kaiser:

“More than P2P, shopping also can. Spending straight liao”

And finally, right after PRV breaks $3.00 mark, @Neymar proposed a great plan:

“Time to split our prv-bnb and buy more PRV”

We’re doing our homework too!

Last Tuesday, @PRV Admin shared the CertiK vault audit results. *drumroll* If you want to check it out first, follow this link. @RCW2030 is the first to ask a question:

“The certik indicates major issue which team acknowledge ..leave it for now.. does it mean v2 will get it solve. Shall we be concern.”

A keen eye for detail! Here was @PRV Admin’s response:

“The major vuln is actually due to the way our FeeBatch works. We CANNOT touch any of your funds in actuality. BUT we can drain the FeeBatch IF there is ever a need to.

But! On that end. We will also be improving our smart contracts as well. Vaults can be change from time to time. We are looking into implementing proxy contracts for vaults so we are more mobile in terms of how we can improve or change strategies.”

Meanwhile, @PRV Admin also shared the invoice for Paladin audit although the timeline is not yet finalized. You can even view the transaction hash by following this link.

These technical audits are our efforts in ensuring smooth operation of the project and to further enhance our credibility and security of your investments. We hope we’re making you proud! 🥺

Everything’s going great, until..

PRV price continued to surge after breaching the $4 mark. In fact, we’re able to hit our ATH for almost 3 months at $4.56. Impressive!

@YH even said:

“i guess the most heartbreaking scenario is ending September with too much BUSD and too little PRV 🤣”

However, Wednesday sang a different tune.

..the Market crashed, grr

@BQ was the first to initiate the group hoddle:

“It’s stormy outside”

@Raphael adds:

“Typhoon. Red Sea man”

@Cky: Wah Lao sai lol

@Ykk: Damn red man

@BQ: This bnb dragging my prv in LP

@Ykk: A bit crazy right thé candlestick omg

@Agent K: market is so bad my kucoin is hanging lol

He even shared this screenshot:

Red tidings with rain showers and thunderstorms :(

But hey, we’ve been through worse! 💪

That’s the beauty of experiencing a bearish season and several dips; at some point you realize that price drops (or even market crashes) are just parts of the greater picture. Cryptos hit highs and lows- that’s what makes it even more exciting!

Like what we always say, we’re all in here for the long haul. With the take off of The Great Migration🕊️ project, we guarantee that the PrivacySwap landscape is about to change. (This was covered last Wednesday’s AMA!) And of course, we’re taking the wild bunch of PRVArmy to the skies- to the moon - and far beyond uncharted galaxies. 🚀

As @Ringo puts it:

“we all stand here as a unite[d] community! 🔥🔥🔥🔥”

And so stand, we shall!

See you next week!




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