PRV For Your Thoughts: “Click If You Still Hodling” — PRVArmy

“The PrivacySwap team may have very limited hands, but we definitely have plans.” — @PRVAdmin

“What happened?”

As the PRV token continued to slide during the first half of the week — hitting the critical $3 level — there were some members who were understandably concerned about the dip. However, the price did show promise of stabilization, as we covered during last Thursday’s PRV Token Weekly Recap.

The community was also on pins and needles as the deadlines for the growing list of promised deliverables were either pushed back or drawing closer, specifically:

  • The beta launch of Hack the Vault
  • The Cointelegraph article
  • The new landing page
  • The CertiK audit

So how did the PRVArmy manage this week’s price movements, launch hiccups, and small wins? Well, let’s take a look at this week’s highlights from the PRV Telegram channel!


No, this is not spam.

You may have seen this phrase a loooot this week from our community, and rightly so. It’s a unified response to the valid restlessness of some users as PRV continued to dip. To this end, we are always grateful for our diamond hands who remain steadfast in their belief that the PRV will recover, especially once our utilities are up and running.

Indeed, harnessing patience is needed in this pivotal season, as LVAL lays out to a distraught member:

No point pushing things to happen since I am sure the team wants things to be quick as well, but realistically, good products can’t be done so easily. If it’s so quick and easy, I would doubt the product. You mentioned you held since $60+. Well, I held from $79. Reason why we held is because we believe being long term here right? I remember admin mentioned since beginning that they are in for long term. I guess that never changed. And true, it is depressing to see the price right now, but if you believe in what PRV is coming out with, just give them some time to make it happen, then you will see the results you want, we all want, which is the big green candle. As for now, Ithink the team has been sharing what’s in the roadmap and been pushing themselves hard to make it even sooner than planned.

He continues:

Anyway, I know PRV will be good. Don’t ask me why, but I just know it. Hahah.

This sentiment is echoed by Ykk:

I’m also holding PRV long term. I think all good things will take time, and the initial stages might be tougher, but there’s always gonna be better days waiting ahead!

A futuristic rendition by one of our hodlers

Yes, the PRV dipped, but Shizun Wong explains why it makes sense to buy the dip:

I’m sure those who dumped at this time have definitely incurred huge losses. Buying the dip now means you’re earning the losses they’ve undertaken. The next time if they do come back, it’ll be at a higher price than they’d have sold, which means you’ve gained. :)

Kelvin Brixton adds more love:

So far, this is the best community I have joined. so count me in through ups and to the moon!

As for whaleboy, he has this to say about the paper hands who just up and left:

Let the people who need their money go first. It isn’t gonna take much to bring the price back up. 👍👍 I am coordinating something already. So I am least worried. Rather the weak hands go first… so they don’t sell down the coordinated buy in.

The rest of us whom stayed from the start… we are gonna make it together. What is coming is the WHOLE PURPOSE of why we stayed 💪

PRVAdmin is not one to forget expressing his gratitude to the community:

This is really great. And really, the support from all of you gives us more motivation and makes our tiring work feel worth the while. We greatly appreciate it.

PRVAdmin 2 echoes the sentiment!

Thank you for your vote of confidence in us. We are actively working on getting our utilities up and running. we understand completely that the charts aren’t looking good right now, but rest assured the team is on the ball, striving towards better days for PRV🚀

As the PRV price slowly stabilized towards the end of the week, there were so many things to celebrate along with it. For one, our Cointelegraph article finally went live! In this advertorial, we shared about our competitive vaults and upcoming PrivacyCards.

For another, we also successfully launched Hack the Vault, PrivacySwap’s initial game offering to the community. Yes, it went through some hiccups before going live. But before we knew it, prize pot number 3 has just been won, and we’re less than 3 hours away to round 4 (at the moment of writing)! Want to check out the mechanics? We covered that here.

We’ll end this week’s write-up with PRVAdmin’s comment on bringing in organic pumps:

We will definitely put all our effort into bringing in organic pumps. Not easy, trust me, but we figure our utility is more important at this point.

Our cards are gaining a lot of interest. In fact our initial batch are already oversubscribed. Our initial interest check for the first batch are also oversubscribed. So, there is definite demand for them. Not just from our own users but also other projects who have approached us enquiring if we can work together.

We are at a critical point and once our utility is out and shown to the world… we will all be laughing and celebrating together!

Speaking of celebration, here is Joe’s lockdown lunch to punctuate the article:

“My lockdown lunch. Will break out the lobsters when PRV price is back 😘”

P.S. Thank you, Ykk (aka Yukiko)! You know why. ❤ ❤ ❤



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