PRV For Your Thoughts: Buckle Up for The Great Migration!

“V2 is gonna restart the engines just like how PRV started before the bear market :)” — @Mr.D

The atmosphere is filled with new possibilities as we officially announced The Great Migration project last Wednesday! And while the DeFi class has been the proper venue of discussion, our PRVArmy just can’t get enough of the PRV 2.0 hype hence our Telegram channel explodes with steamy discourse!

But aside from that, we have some interesting exchanges from our highly participative PRVates and PRVeterans that would surely give you an idea of how intense these nerds can get! 🤓

Curious about the latest updates (and gossips) in our awesome community? Sit back, relax, hodl on your PRV, and read on!

“Say it in a Tweet, that’s a cop-out!” — Taylor Swift

Last Sunday, a harrowing question was ushered in by Gotham’s favorite billionaire superhero, following a tweet he read.

@Dark Knight asked if PrivacySwap is a dead project🧟:

Hi. Is the project dead? I want to invest can anyone tell me. I saw on Twitter, some one tell that this is a slow rug. Is it true

First to arrive on the scene of the crime, @B replies:

Hi, welcome! I can 100% say that this is not a slow rug.

@Dark Knight counters:

Chart is saying different story

To which @B replies:

Lots of exciting things coming soon… debit cards, mixer… and the team is always transparent

Yeah I get what you’re saying… I’ve been here since the beginning and it’s unfortunate the chart looks like this. But most of us here are strong holders because we believe in the team.

@JW supports @B’s statement🧐:

Price has been making gradual progress over the past days in case you didn’t notice. And I believe this is in anticipation for the upcoming swap. Because effectively, the presale starts now.

@CN adds a logical presumption to the discussion:

If really a Rug project…they should rug all at price usd78…..and not now

@Ykk completes the sentence:

and wont do so much work le

PRVAdmin steps in, concluding the conversation:

I am impressed. Because the amount of hate we get is really evident that we are stepping on som toes. And we don’t get anywhere without stepping on some toes. Heh. But no. We are not a rug, hard, soft, fast slow. Doesn’t matter which. In fact, I think I have taught some here how to identify and avoid rugs.

But. Everyone has their opinion. But also. We are making good progress in V2. We are already underway with V2’s smart contracts AND also already pre-booked an audit slot. We will only launch after we are audited this time.

A very bold accusation indeed from this anonymous Twitter dude. But without any incontrovertible evidence, a position that PrivacySwap is a dead project must fail.

With our suite of utilities being launched and The Great Migration to V2 on the works, @Dark Knight can go ahead and overrule Twitter guy’s posted rumor.

*bangs gavel 👨‍⚖️🔨

If you want to learn more about what slow rug is, or soft rug, or whatever you might want to call it, we have the right article just for you! 👉 Check it out here.

Advertising 101: tips from our PRVeterans

We also have some interesting discussions on PrivacySwap’s marketing strategy, particularly on advertising.

@FreiheitPur3 proposes something:

Why not doing advertising, adding use cases, reaching out to new audiences etc. instead of creating a new coin, then hopping from one coin to another and then again after some time? I haven’t seen any project out there doing this.

Ykk replies:

They are gonna do advertising. Once our cards are out it’s gonna go full on marketing after too. Do read the pinned announcements as they’ve said this before.

PRVAdmin 2’s jumps in:

We have been doing advertising. It is ever on going. We have gained many interested parties, mostly are waiting for V2, while some have bought in batches so as to not cause a sudden pump. V2 will be something of a turning point for prv, it’s like a brand new project but with it’s utilities ready. This is one aspect of our marketing pitch.

As always, the Core Team is open for valuable feedback and suggestions from the PRVArmy.

In fact, @Didier Gr8 has some really good inquiry🤨:

Will you guys mint your NFT? With the NFT games this sector got the 2nd bounce…

@Kaiser responds:

I believe the team is looking at it, but in the mean time there’s several items in the roadmap. So step by step I guess?

Ykk adds to this:

lol im super bullish about the project bt i like to have abit more concrete details..but for now i think it’s good to just focus on credit card and whats on the roadmap as we do have limited manpower and time

maybe to a lot of people it (marketing) might seem like it’s not doing much as it doesn’t bring direct “sales” or buyer in for now, but all content creation will take abit of time tfor it to show results..and its also about leaving digital footprints for more efficient marketing in the future

As succinctly put by these two, the correct move in this climate is:

@BQ says:

Start loading prv, so you won’t regret when it moons

@Lizar Simeon encourages people to:

Buy PRV it’s still dip. Later will be too late 🙂

Don’t be one of the hit and miss stories! Here’s a meme from @Lee Nic showing he knows what we are talking about:

The Great Migration to PRV2

With the announcement of such-a-bold move from your favorite DeFi project, PrivacySwap is ready to chart new galaxies as we prepare everyone for the Great Migration.

@Mr. D could not have said it any better:

V2 is gonna restart the engines just like how PRV started before the bear market :)

@BQ chimes in:

I hope v2 will make us a success. I see how you all are trying with your partners platforms

As we have honestly disclosed, the plans are still being ironed out so we expect a lot of queries and clarifications from the PRVArmy.

@TakuyaSwap asks a question on v2 (Eg, if new price is $5, we exchange 1 V1 for 0.5 V2?):

May I know the advantages old holders will have if the V2 price is higher than the current price?

@YH supposes💭:

i understand it to be a-token-for-a-token, not value-based

@PRVAdmin clarifies:

No no. Maybe there is some confusion. But it will be 1:1 in value. Not in token amount. How will the V2 token value be derived? Via the presale price.

So. Verrrry general example. If we peg the price of V1 PRV to $6. You will swap 1 PRV for $6 worth of PRV2 plus PRVG (they come as a pair).

@BQ asks🤔:

There’s a presale? Prv1 = prv2 + prvg? Meanings prv2 is lower price? How to get into presale?

@PRVAdmin responds:

There is a small allocation for PRV2 + PRVG public sale of tokens. That amount that is obtained from that presale will be used in conjunction with some of founder’s funds as initial liquidity for PRV + PRVG at launch.

Well. You have to understand that PRV2 and PRVG both have their own uses. But they will be added in liquidity to equal dollar value amount, but different per token amount (PRV2 and PRVG both have different mechanics and also supply).

Two ways to get into presale: You either guarantee your PRV2 + PRVG allocation by swapping from PRV. OR you be brave and try to snatch PRV2 + PRVG during the small presale.

ALL PRV hodlers WILL definitely be entitled to PRV2 + PRVG at the same rate across the board. BUT the swap duration is LIMITED and once swap for PRV -> PRV2 + PRVG concludes, PRV will be decommissioned.

If you want full details of what transpired on the initial PRV V2 discussion, you can watch the full DeFi Class here 📺

Check.👏 Our.👏 Telegram.👏 Channel.👏

We understand how busy you are in the daily grind, but we encourage you to check our Telegram channel from time to time to avoid missing important matters!

Unaware of recent updates, @J.Mr.S asks😰:

I haven’t logged in here for a while I still have prv bnb vault any issues I should resolve?

Same question for @Sakshi Agarwal:

Is BNB-PRV vault working?

@PRVAdmin 2 responds:

The prv-bnb vault has been decommissioned for quite some time now. Because the source decided to remove it from their farms. You can withdraw your LPs from the vault and proceed to stake it back in our privacyfarms

If you want to avoid heavy backreading, you can just go over the filtered announcements as posted on PrivacySwap Announcements!

Finally, we are closing this week’s PRV For Your Thoughts with a unanimous prayer for greener pastures as we prepare to embark on The Great Migration.

And for @Kaiser, there is no better way to go about it than to “pray for the moon”! 🙏🌕

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