PRV2 and PRVG swaps are now live!

The Great Migration Mission is ALMOST COMPLETE!

Dearest PRVArmy, thank you so much for bearing with us, humps and bumps notwithstanding. We have finally deployed all necessary contracts for PRV2 + PRVG swaps.

Here are the token smart contract addresses:



You may proceed to to conduct your Pre-PRV2 + Pre-PRVG -> PRV2 + PRVG now!

We sincerely apologize that it has taken a while. During our pre-deployment tests, we encountered some issue that we managed to catch before deployment. We fixed it and all is well. It took a little bit of time, but it was exacerbated by BSC being a little slow today for some reason. Thank you all for your support and kind understanding. We really, really appreciate your continuous faith and support!

For transparency purposes, we will be providing a detailed breakdown of the BUSD Presale fund and how it was split later part of the day.

For now we will be resting and tomorrow we will be deploying the MasterChefs as well as the farms pages. Stay tuned.

Be sure to follow us on the following platforms for the latest updates!

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