PrivacyVaults: A Crypto Oasis During the Bear Market

3 min readJun 29, 2021

Yield farming seems to be the next craze in the crypto realm. The foremost goal of this technology is to let users stake their cryptocurrency in return for a higher yield. To explain in more detail, a yield farmer may move assets across multiple yield farming platforms, constantly seeking the pool with the greatest Annual Percentage Yield (APY) to optimize returns.

While experts in the space may understand the implications of this investment, beginners see this concept as a risky adventure but an intelligent move. However, just like any traditional investment, “the higher the risk, the higher the return” is also true in the crypto-verse. That is why it is necessary to ensure security as we still invest our assets into such. Stepping up to patch this security concern is PrivacySwap, a DeFi platform that developed PrivacyVaults to provide safe and optimized yield farming.

PrivacyVaults: What is it?

PrivacyVaults is a yield optimization system that leverages the concept of compounding. The assets will be immediately staked into a ‘vault,’ and smart contracts will protect them.

The investment strategy associated with the particular vault will automatically boost your invested token amount by compounding different yield farm reward tokens into your original invested asset. Your assets are never kept in a vault on PrivacySwap, despite what the word ‘Vaults’ implies: As a result, money can be taken out at any moment. In addition, yield optimizers can significantly increase your assets.

Sample screenshot of PrivacyVaults

PrivacyVaults Benefits

Aside from gaining rapidly, keeping your assets in a yield optimizer will provide you multiple benefits. Some are as follows:

  1. Auto Compounding alone is already beneficial as it will automatically stake your remaining PRV.
  2. Users that stake native PRV tokens in pools will get a share of the Vault payouts in an attempt to motivate and reward holders of PrivacySwap’s native tokens, PRV.
  3. PrivacyVault does not auto-harvest. However, making use of the ‘harvest’ function will provide extra rewards to harvesters.

Moreover, PrivacySwap continuously improves its services. They also ensure the safety and security of your assets while providing you extra income based on the investment you put into farming. This revolution in the crypto world will surely be the future of DeFi. During the bear market in the world of crypto, PrivacyVaults indeed gives crypto users an alternative means to continue earning.

Start your Yield Optimization journey at PrivacySwap and know more about them at the links below.

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