PrivacySwap’s upcoming NFT-Powered game

PrivacySwap will be launching its own Decentralized Exchange, and upon its launch comes with another feature that the community can enjoy, an NFT-Powered game that they can play-to-earn.

In the near future, users may spend PYDEX, the native token of the PrivacySwap DEX, to buy either NFT-based equipment, tools, or even pets that could help them boost their own Heroes and their capabilities in a fight or battle.

This is an exciting time for PrivacySwap as this will be the first time that the PrivacySwap ecosystem will host its very own NFT-powered game, another income-generating venture for the users to earn and have fun at the same time.

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What are NFTs

When it comes to blockchain technology, a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) refers to a digital cryptographic token that represents a unique item. There are numerous applications for an NFT. Depending on the context, it could refer to a digital asset in a game, a valuable piece of crypto art, or even a physical property such as real estate.

In the case of PrivacySwap’s NFT-powered game, the NFT will represent the digital asset that they can either sell in the marketplace and earn some income or make their Heroes appear as awesome as possible, depending on their taste.

NFTs have resolved the long-standing problem of establishing decentralized digital collectability and ownership in a world where everything is copied and pasted. An NFT is not fungible in any way. Because of this quality, each token is distinct and cannot be traded for another token that is identical to it at any point in time.

Why NFT-Powered Games are the future

NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital collectibles that exist on the blockchain. This characteristic makes them excellent for usage as representations in video games, such as characters, consumables, and other tradeable commodities.

With the limited supply that can be deployed in the game, and the demand for it rises as more players want to customize their Heroes the way others have done, the price for that unique NFT could surge as the bid just to have it raises over time.

Players can sell their NFTs based on the demand and earn a hefty price for it. With the demand being stagnant and the supply climbing over time, as more players recognize the game, they could be a good asset in the game to have.

NFT games have become increasingly popular in the game-fi sector as a means of making money. This is because aside from players being able to sell their in-game NFTs to other collectors and gamers, they can also earn tokens if they play in a model that allows them to earn tokens.

This is why PrivacySwap is excited to launch this feature of its new Decentralized Exchange, as it would mean another venture for the community to earn and enjoy at the same time.

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Come and join us now! For projects out there that aim to be listed on our DEX, reach us out through this form.

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