PrivacySwap’s Monthly New Token Launch, PrivacyCard, And More To Look For This Last Quarter Of 2021

3 min readAug 31, 2021

Stakes are getting higher! Competition is getting stronger! How does PrivacySwap adapt to the fast-changing ecosystem? As the month ends and as we approach the last quarter of 2021, how can we continue providing great service to our users?

The third quarter of 2021 is challenging, and PrivcaySwap also experienced one of the most significant dips. However, that didn’t stop us from continually innovating and collating ideas to develop something that will surely give PRVarmies the best return. As a fraction of our roadmap, we will soon launch our new tokens, the PRV2 and PRVG. The updates will surely benefit our current PRV holders.

PRV 2.0

We covered PRV features and benefits on our 7th DeFi class, and some of the highlights are as follows:

In addition, here is how PRV 2.0 works, as discussed in the webinar.

Current PRV holders:

  • Swapping PRV to PRV2+ PRVG tokens is allowed at a pegged price.
  • No need to take a chance for the IDO (current PRV holders will receive PRV2+PRVG at a set ratio)
  • Moving to PRV2 is a guarantee

Non-PRV holders:

  • The public will have to participate in the public sale for PRV2+ PRVG
  • There is a limited amount of PRV2+PRVG for initial liquidity.

Tentatively, 80% of the PRV2 is allocated to the current PRV holders, and the remaining 20 % is for the new investors.

Once the platform has finalized the tokenomics and analyzes technical things, we will update you so you have something to look for. As we continuously update the system to create the best of the best features, we welcome you whales, bots, and degens. Make sure to stick with us to get updated! If you are a little bit excited about what to expect from our PRV 2.0, you can watch our 7th DeFi class here.

A step closer to PrivacyCard

After so many considerations, PrivacySwap is now getting a step closer to releasing its highly-anticipated PrivacyCard. Some of the features changed to give holders a better service. To get you updated, here are some of the most notable improvements we made to our PrivacyCard.

The main purpose of the debit card is still to eliminate the long and painful process of withdrawing your crypto to use it in real-world transactions. Purchasing of the card is still based on staking specific amounts on a 6-month lock-in period; then, you can use the card for storing a variety of coins such as BTC, ETH, BUSD, BNB, etc.

On the Cointelegraph news released last month, we announced the reduction of the staking requirements, and the reduction is as follows.

  • The initial stake requirement for the Black Premium tier was US$5,000, which has since been decreased to US$500 worth of PRV.
  • The initial stake threshold for the Black Metal tier was US$20,000, which was decreased to US$7,000 in PRV.
  • The initial stake threshold for the Silver Metal tier was USD 35,000, which was reduced to US$12,000 in PRV.
  • The initial stake threshold for the Gold Metal tier was USD 50,000, which was decreased to US$18,000 in PRV.

Moreover, the design of the PrivacyCard remains sleek, and the usability is still flawless. Interest form is still available on our website and here.

Watch it here: PrivacyCard “Proof of Life” video.

To conclude

PrivacySwap’s continuous efforts to provide the most incredible DeFi- platform remain outstanding. As we continually receive comments from our valued PRVArmies, we gradually develop and improve our platform to answer such questions and queries and give the best effort to create an excellent platform. With such innovations, alongside our monthly free webinars, we will unceasingly help you uplift your lifestyle and offer you the financial freedom everyone wants.

Got any questions? Let us know.

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