PrivacySwap’s Hack the Vault is finally here. Are you PRV-ready?

3 min readAug 6, 2021
PrivacySwap’s Hack The Vault!

As we progress with the development of our system, we constantly come across ideas that we believe would generate more revenue for you, our valued users. That is why we came up with the idea of developing a game that will value-add to the way you earn PRV.

Nowadays, DeFi games are popular, and they significantly improve the lives of the majority of gamers. Having the same goal to elevate our users’ lives and help them earn more from the platform, we at PrivacySwap will also launch our own game, Hack the Vault, to add excitement. And here are the mechanics:

Hack the Vaults: The Background

A biometric system guards a prize vault with a defect and a standard lock and key system. For hackers, the biometric system is a piece of cake. The key, which players can obtain on the dark web, is the only missing component. To make things interesting, the key is picked at random from a stockpile of keys, which means you may need to buy more than one key. Of course, other hackers are aware of this vulnerability, so it’s a race against the clock to find the exact key and successfully access the vaults to collect the riches held inside!

The Gameplay

The objective of Hack the Vault is to be one of the last three persons to purchase the correct vault key before the timer expires. Each round can begin only when the Prize Pot has at least ten PRV. Each key requires a separate PRV. You may buy as many keys as you like during the round. The duration will be extended by a minimum of 50 seconds and a maximum of 200 seconds for each key you purchase. When ANYONE purchases a key, the smart contract produces a random extension.

It is vital to understand that you are not permitted to purchase concurrent keys. You may only buy if you were not the last one to do so.

Furthermore, the prize vault will be divided among the last three purchasers as follows:

  • The individual who buys the key last will receive 40% of the reward money.
  • 15% goes to the second-to-last individual who purchased the key.
  • 5% will be given to the third and final buyer.
  • 25% will go to the next prize pot
  • 10% of the prize money is set ablaze.
  • The developer receives 5% of the Prize Pot.

Take note that each winner will receive 30% of their earnings immediately upon the round’s conclusion. The remaining 70% will be available for claim through the page for seven days at a rate of 10% every day. We created this feature to protect PRV users against massive dumps after each round of Hack the Vaults.


The launch of our Hack the Vault is only part of the bigger plan to create a much more competitive platform. We also aim to give you the best experience and make sure that you enjoy earning money with us. As we move forward to a much clearer future, we discover that our DeFi project can offer more than just staking, and the ecosystem has more to offer.

So what do you think? Are you PRV-ready to Hack the Vault now? Let us hear your thoughts!

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