PrivacySwap’s End of Q3 Update: Lookin’ Back!

It’s our Q3 Update!

Lookin’ back

It has been a wild ride for the PRVArmy and the PrivacySwap Team, and looking back gives us the chills at the fact that we’ve gone so far from the starting point. From the first day that PrivacySwap went live, to the beta launch of the PrivacyCards and the preparation to the Great Migration, it has been a rollercoaster of events and updates that we have brought you.

This time around, looking back highlights the milestones we have achieved as a strong community. Over the past months, the PRV team is bending over backwards with the development and continuously improving the platform, giving you services that would help you grow your PRV journey with us.

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Months-worth of Milestones

We start from PrivacySwap getting live and initially providing 30,000 PRV along with 2,000 USD worth of BNB and BUSD. It seems like time runs so fast, it was in late April when it all started and well, five (5) months have passed and a lot already have been added to our services. We now have Yield Farming, PrivacyVaults, Referral System, and a lot more; all available for our PRVArmy, for them to grow their investments.

The PRVArmy has also been able to participate in a game we developed, Hack the Vaults, for the community to enjoy! On its official launch, the prize pool has skyrocketed at $1,232 and 4 rounds have been successfully completed within 48 hours!

We also have been keeping up various Series for the community to be informed or updated with the latest news and developments on the way such as “PRV for your Thoughts”, “PRV Token Weekly Recap”, “This Week on PRV”, and “PRViously on Crypto”. Further, we have conducted a free, yep! you read it right, free DeFi class for all, covering topics regarding cryptocurrencies, their nature, how to earn more with them, and the general concepts about it.

Furthermore, the PrivacyCards are here! Just like what we have in our roadmap, we have already delivered debit cards with up to 30,000% APR. Some of those who signed up for early access have already got their cards and they are flexing it over social media.

Pivots on the way!

Well, we did not plan for this and it’s not even in our roadmap! But along the way, the PRV Team has decided to switch to a brand new and a much better ecosystem, and we call it The Great Migration!

We have been preparing for The Great Migration to happen and we have been covering every step of the way through our Series and other PR articles. We are extremely excited with our upcoming PRV 2.0 with two (2) new tokens, PRV2 and PRVG, and with us becoming a farm again offering a much higher APR. Plus, since we already have a governance token, PRVG, hodlers can can own a portion of such farms.

There’s a lot to uncover for the Great Migration and we cannot wait for it to officially launch. With the PRV hodlers being able to exchange their PRV tokens to PRV2 and PRVG with a fixed ratio, now is a great time to buy more PRV.

What to look forward for the rest of the year

We are not nearly done and we still have a lot in store for the PRVArmy or the whole community. With the The Great Migration right around the corner, our focus now is for PrivacySwap’s mass adoption as we contact more partners, especially youtubers who would be of great help to spread the word and reach more people to join the PRVArmy.

So until then, there’s a lot more to expect as these are just the beginning.

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