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2 min readMar 30, 2022


What is a crypto portfolio?

Cryptocurrency portfolios are collections of cryptocurrencies owned by an investor or trader, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or PrivacySwap’s PRV2. There are a number of assets in portfolios, including altcoins and crypto-related financial instruments. The only difference between this and a regular investment portfolio is that you only invest in one type of asset.

What are diversification and asset allocation

Asset allocation and diversity are critical principles to understand when building an investment strategy. Investing in a variety of asset types is known as asset allocation (e.g., cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, precious metals, cash, etc.).

As the name suggests, this strategy is all about spreading your money around among many types of assets or markets. There are a number of ways to diversify your investments, such as by investing in a wide range of various industries. Both of these methods will lower your total exposure to danger.

Cryptocurrencies are a single asset class in the eyes of the law. The advantage of diversification in a cryptocurrency portfolio is that it allows you to hold a variety of assets with varying objectives and use cases. You may, for example, have 40% of your assets in PRV2, 30% in stablecoins, 15% in NFTs, and 15% in altcoins.

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Concentrated vs. diversified crypto portfolios

Investing in cryptocurrencies requires diversification, according to the vast majority of experts. Pros and drawbacks of diversifying your investments can be weighed against each other. The overall risk and volatility of a well-diversified portfolio can be minimized.

In order to keep your position steady in the face of losses, look for opportunities for gain. With more coins in your portfolio, you have more chances to profit. With correct asset allocation and diversification, you have a better chance of making money in the long run.

On the other hand, the more diverse your portfolio is, the more closely it will match the overall stock market performance. Larger profits are the primary goal of most traders and investors.. A successful concentrated portfolio will have lower average returns than a well-diversified one. High-earners can be offset by low-earners.

More work and research are needed when managing a more diverse portfolio. If you want to make wise investments, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. Having a vast portfolio reduces one’s ability to comprehend everything. Your assets may need to be accessed through a number of different wallets and exchanges, if they are spread across various blockchain platforms. You have the option to diversify your portfolio or not, but doing so is always encouraged.

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